Ace striker Eric Bekoe makes Kotoko plea

Published on: 27 June 2011

By Patrick Akoto

Egypt-based striker Eric Bekoe has issued a 'come-and-get-me' plea to Ghanaian giants Asante Kotoko as he eyes a return to local football.

Bekoe, 23, has recovered from an ankle injury that has kept him out of action for a year.

The former Ghana Premier League top scorer has two more years on his contract with Petrojet but wants to re-launch his career with Kotoko.

''It's not Kotoko coming for me but it is me who want to play for Kotoko again. I have two more years with Petrojet but have informed Kotoko officials of my burning desire to return home," Bekoe told Accra-based Citi FM.

''That is where I got my silver from and that is the club that made me who I became until I left, and what better motivation than to come back home and get my career spot on. I have left everything with them and waiting.

He added: "If an ordinary Kotoko fan can fast for you so can deliver, then you can imagine what you will do to give off your best. I am ready to return. It’s all in their hands.''


  • owusu bempah bismark
    says: 8 years ago
    It will be a superb signing for Kotoko to see their best striker of the new generation return to the team. I hope Bekoe has thought of the decision over and over again and now the mind is set. For Kotoko,i think they need a player like that in their fold to calm their numerous supporters down for letting key players go. With faces like Adu Amofa,hint of Sadiq Adams,Bekoe etc there is no doubt that Kotoko management are focus on forming another formidable side to prosecute next season. What can i say than to wish Kotoko the best of luck
  • Joe.
    says: 8 years ago
    Omg. I'm so overwhelmed by this chaps plea. This is a true former Kotoko player. May your dreams never shut.
  • true man
    says: 8 years ago
    that will put the sports media to shame,this guy who they claimed was doing wonders and what not,now want's to come home and play the team that paid referees,to make him up oppelle shame
  • seto
    says: 8 years ago
    ...and there goes another waste of onca a talented and prolific striker;the list keeps growing;ishmeal addo,shaibu yakubu,saddick adams,sam ayew yeboah,sammy adjei,rahim ayew,charles taylor,etc.i dunno what inform the choices of Ghanaian players but it's hard time something is done about our good talents leaving to waterloo leagues like the maghribian north.Mr Bekoe please come again cos you knew all these and yet opted for Egypt and now you want a come back? do you thimk it's gonna be the same? ask helegbe,ishmael addo,laryea kingston,baffour gyan and they'll shake their heads in the negative.for me,the positives in this issue,if it is really true,is it's ability to serve as deterrant for up coming players to think carefully before they chose a destination to make a football career ,not soo much focus on money,seek advice from former players....our own league can be attractive again if we maintain more talented players in our local teams,a word to a wise.
  • Maxwell Johnson
    says: 8 years ago
    You were advised not to go there at the first place but you refused,whom are you gonna blame now?So after finding things difficult in the Egyptian league you now wanna come back home huh!Very alarming!I don't know why some of our local players rush into making some stupid decisions and later on regret it.
  • maxob4
    says: 8 years ago
    Oh please say it again. I remember the pressure from this guy and his family gave to the the Kototoko mamagement. Finally he has realise there is more to life than money. All the same better late than never. The recent turmoil in Egypt, injuries, dip in form and lack of publicity are the main reasons he wants to come back home and not his extreme love for Kototko. Dr. please bring him back to bring some life into our keague
  • Kotoko CEO
    says: 8 years ago
    Kwaseaman, now you are pleading. To hell with you.
  • Quophi
    says: 8 years ago
    Eric "begoal" Bekoe, its nice of you to wish to launch your career back home. I know that you did not dip in form. It was actually injuries that prevented you from playing a lot of games. I admire your desire to play for Kotoko, i only hope we can raise enough funds to come and get you. I will encourage the management to treat your case as urgent and launch a massive appeal for funds to that effect. "Operation get Eric Bekoe back" will be ideal. I really love your goal scoring instincts. good luck.
  • francozola
    says: 8 years ago
    At times ghanaians players should sit down and think about eir career carefully before they make decision and also players should listening to eir coaches and eir teams leaders or management of the teams they re playing for some decision instead they rush or put pressure on management becos of money see right now u want kotoko management to come for ur rescue dis is serving as deterrent to all ghanaians players who re rushing to go and play in Egypt as our forefathers said is not all the shinning stuffs are gold so players should to advice frm management and management know what is good for em and i know when good offers comes management will not block no player way to go and seek eir greener pasture else where a word to a wise to our players is enough
  • JOE Takoradi
    says: 8 years ago
    Bekoe is not stupid as some of you may think,he is clever to lunch his career.The enemies are afraid of his predator instinct.Instead of don bortey,bekoe will be ten time better than don."the bekoe we know,is far better than don bortey we are not sure if he's really change better.We should be careful.CAREFUL WE SHOULD BE.