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Bitcoin trading signals Overcome Strong Resistance!

Published on: 13 September 2021

Having tested the resistance at 46.800 last night, the price finally broke through it. Bitcoin (BTC), which is rapidly approaching $ 48,000, is finding buyers at $ 47,444 on Binance. Having recently returned from the resistance at 46 800, the price moved back to the level of 44 300 by bitcoin trading signals.

↑ Bitcoin is growing.

  • After staying above the SMA 200 for a long time, the price finally broke the 46,800 resistance. With volume support, the 48,000 level should soon turn into support. Many experts talked about opening a channel to $ 50,000 in case of breaking through the 46,800 level. The fact that the price made such sharp upward movements for several days shows that risk appetite has increased.
  • Bitcoin (BTC) is changing direction as the weekend approaches. The fact that the daily close is at these levels could lead to a very green weekend with a lot of bitcoin trading signals.


↑ The Golden Cross Effect?

With the intersection of the SMA 50 and 200 lines, a movement called the "bullish cross" or "golden cross" soon formed. It is believed that it was because of this that there was a sharp rise. Bitcoin price is struggling to hold above the 47,500 level.


Analysts of SafeTrading predict that a large upward channel will open in such movements of the golden cross. If the formation is confirmed, a serious rise can be seen from here. It is especially important that the price remains above 47.500 until 03:00 am. If the daily close is at these levels, the price could hold above 50,000 in the coming days.


A festival dedicated to Dogecoin.

British pop-culture music magazine NME in the recent issue of the famous singer Dionne Warwick announced that he has dedicated the Dogecoin Music Festival (DOGE).


↑ Dogecoin Festival (DOGE)

Dogepalooza's official website states, "The festival has been specifically designed as an innovative and fun way to bring the Doge Community together to share their passion and love for Dogecoin." The event, the first of its kind, will take place on October 9th in Sugarland, Texas and will feature many famous people.


Known as one of the most popular female vocalists of all time, Warwick seems excited about her upcoming performance. The 80-year-old singer described the Dogepalooza festival as "a momentous event" and said:


  • "I am looking forward to being a part of this significant festival."


In addition, according to a statement on the event website, attendees will buy tickets to the festival using the Dogecoin cryptocurrency prank. In addition, the proceeds from the festival will be donated to various charitable organizations.


Also among the famous names that will take part in the festival will be Warwick's son, as well as renowned producer Damon Elliott.


↑ Elon Musk is warm about the Dogecoin festival.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who caused the big price spikes for Dogecoin (DOGE) with his Twitter promotions, supported the idea of ​​organizing a festival dedicated to the meme (joke) of the cryptocurrency.


In a statement on the June 1 Dogepalooza festival on Twitter, Musk said the idea of ​​DJing during a Grimes and Snoop Dogg show was "fun."


↑ How will this affect Dogecoin?

The Tesla CEO hasn't shared anything that will cause market fluctuations for a long time. On the other hand, while Musk has been quiet lately, the joking cryptocurrency Dogecoin manages to recover even without the help of Tesla CEO after a severe market crash.


The Dogecoin Festival of Dogepalooza could kick off a sharp rise in prices for the popular joke currency Dogecoin (DOGE). The popular cryptocurrency last hit the $ 0.70 level thanks to the Elon Musk effect and made the market a big buzz. However, with the most recent market dip in June / July, Dogecoin plummeted before surpassing the Dogecoin community target of $ 1 and dropping to $ 0.17.


  • The Dogepalooza Festival can make a big splash in the cryptocurrency market. Also, with this festival, the Dogecoin price could test the $ 1 target again - analyst of SafeTrading.
  • Joke cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE) continues to trade at $ 0.27, up 4.75% in the past 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap at the time of writing.


Attention to Cardano Investors (ADA)! New scammers' trap.

Interest in cryptocurrencies is growing day by day. However, the growing interest in this sector leads to cases of fraud. Recently, the number of cryptocurrency fraud cases has increased significantly. So much so that this time the scammers are targeting Cardano (ADA) investors.


↑ Attention of Cardano Investors (ADA).

This time, scammers are trying to trick investors with a fake version of Daedalus, which is often the most recommended wallet for storing ADA cryptocurrency.


  1. A Reddit user reported a case of scam he faced via the audio and video chat app Discord. A user discovered a fake website with a different url that was trying to copy or even promise more features than Daedalus's verified Cardano (ADA) wallet.
  2. On August 13, Reddit user Tjaaark reported that "the fake Daedalus website is targeting Cardano (ADA) investors on Discord." User Tjaaark stated that the scam seeks to defraud investors through a website that is very similar to the original website with minor differences, and ADA investors should be careful with this.
  3. User Tjaaark stated that the website created by the scammer is very similar to the original Deadlaus website, but there are still some important differences to distinguish the two sites from each other. The user emphasized that while the official Deadlaus site has a URL ending in ".io", the fake website has a URL ending in ".one".
  4. Deadlaus, named after an architect and craftsman from Greek mythology, is known as "the preferred secure wallet for storing ADA cryptocurrencies." The scammer targets investors using a fake website that he promotes as an update to a verified version and is designed similar to the official website.


However, the scammer promises investors more options, including the ability to convert digital assets to fiat currencies, increased speed, and better performance - analyst of SafeTrading.


↑ Latest situation in Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) has been one of the most popular digital asset projects over the past year. Additionally, in a statement today, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson promised to provide more details on the highly anticipated smart contract launch.


Perhaps because of this launch, ADA has surged 50% over the past seven days. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the ADA, which is up 15% in the last 24 hours, topped $ 2 for the first time since May. At the time of preparing the content, the popular cryptocurrency continues to trade at $ 1.97.



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