Club Africain fans 'blast' Referee Chaabane' wrong call on Nicholas Opoku in derby defeat

Published on: 07 December 2017

Supporters of Tunisian giants Club Africain have lambasted referee Mohammed Chaabane and his assistants for their 1-0 defeat to Esperance over the weekend in what they describe as a wrong penalty call on Nicholas Opoku.

Referee Chaabane awarded a dubious penalty to Esperance in an incident he judges the Nicholas Opoku to have handled the ball.

The Black Stars defender Nicholas Opoku had a starting spot for Club Africain and was in high spirits in the game mounting intense pressure on the home side Esperance in their quest to secure an early lead.

The derby which was nearly settling for draw in the first half hit a controversial stage when referee Mohamed Chaabane award a ‘dubious’ penalty to Esperance in the 40th minute, claiming Nicholas Opoku handled the ball with his left hand.

Several video replays showed that the Black Stars centre back controlled the ball with his left shoulder forcing fans of the club to vent their spleen on the celebrated referee.

Mohamed Chaabane, after failing to award Club Africain three penalties in the game, awarded a ‘sham’ penalty to Esperance that lead to Club Africain defeat last Sunday.

Furious Club Africain fans took to social media and vented their spleen at the match officials with loads of harsh comments.