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COVID-19: Hillary Boateng bemoans effects on Ghanaian women's League and clubs

Published on: 22 May 2020


Chairperson for the Ghana Women’s Premier League Committee, Hillary Boateng, has bemoaned the effects on coronavirus pandemic on Women’s football teams in the country.

The suspension of football activities in the country has led to a lot of clubs struggling financially due to the absence of football since March this year.

According to Madam Hillary Boateng, club owners of the various women’s team have had to deal with the welfare of their players during this period which is draining a lot from the bankrollers of the club.

“The Covid-19 has affected the league in so many ways. It has affected the club administrators and managers severely. Some players stayed over at the various club houses during the lockdown and their welfare were catered for by the clubs”, she told Happy FM.

“These players are not paid much but the club owners continue to pay their salaries and this really tough for the bankrollers.

“The Covid-19 has had adverse effect on the Premier League and Division One League for the women team.

She also advised the players to be focused and continue to train as the league is on break due to the Covid-19.

Club owners and administrators have called for support from the Ghana Football Association and the Sports Ministry to bail them out in order to prevent them from collapse.

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