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FEATURE: We don't need an expatriate coach at this crucial time

Published on: 14 September 2021
FEATURE: We don't need an expatriate coach at this crucial time
Mohammed Amin Lamptey

1.The ongoing twists and turns is a clarion call for us to revisit the base of our football development and rectify the canker eating up the fibre of our football...Empower our local coaches and all stakeholders to believe in themselves and not bring in another expatriate coach to fix nothing.

2.The FA must come out clearly. Is either the government continue to pay the salary of the Black Stars Coach and dictate who the Black Stars Coach should be or the FA takes up the responsibility to pay the Black Stars Coach and have a field day on their plans.

3.No coach(Foreign or Local ) can succeed with the Black Stars on our current porous football development pedestal, regardless.

4.Our challenges came about because of the lack of effective chemistry among key stakeholders on the forward match of our football,the passion of the nation.

Our unity of purpose has been clouded by individualism and relegated collectivism to the background perhaps because of political expediency, selfishness,hatred, animosity, vindictiveness, vengeance....

5.No body can better manage our current problems than ourselves. Time to rule our football destiny is now.

6.We've had countless expatriate coaches in the past and the question is, what is the legacy they've left behind we can utilise today to correct our current situation?

So we've turned foreign coaches as our automatic stopgap managers when we self inflicted ourselves with unnecessary distractions?.

7.What impact the foreign coaches have injected in our Black Stars that we can use to better our game admistratively, technically, tactically and in terms of relationship and effective communication?

8.All those who recommended Coach CK for the Black Stars job after just two games as an assistant coach to Kwasi Appiah have done him a serious harm. Coach CK should have been encouraged to be the assistant to the more qualified Ibrahim Tanko who assisted coach Kwasi Appiah for almost two (2)years or get him to start from the junior national teams to grow through the ranks.

9.It is still not clear why Coach Appiah's contract was terminated and why his assistant Ibrahim Tanko was not appointed to take over the mantle?

10.It is quite disheartening to think through our scheme of Black Stars coaching and management process. I believe pairing Kwasi Appiah with foreign coaches over the years was for him to under study them and in future take over the baton and also live to impact the knowledge acquired to our local coaches. Why must we dismantled that beautiful concept ? I don't know !!!!

11.I believe the random changes in the Black Stars technical team and backroom staff may have contributed enormously to the current problems. The recent changes of goalkeepers trainer for the Black Stars was another confusion trigger.

12.Lack of proper blue prints for the Black Stars could be attributed to our current problems with the Black Stars. Just take a look at the management team of the Black Stars. Be critical and analytical devoid of emotions on this one.

13.The FA momentarily has forgotten that the Black Stars is the cash cow among their football products and that, all it takes to succeed is non-negotiable. And that, they need quality relationship and effective communication to triumph.

14.It is important to state that the ongoing destructive debate on the Black Stars coach is seriously at the verge of rocking the boat of bring back the love campaign.

The vibrant Black Stars brand, corporate personality and corporate integrity are gradually fading out. This is more important than a foreign coach. Tide up your environment before you invite a visitor.

15.All must realize that we are contributing in killing our football brand and that will eventually affect our local and foreign based players when it comes to value, respectability, dignity and integrity.

16.Our local coaches seem to be very keen in pulling down each other. I have observed this over the years regarding their posturing, commentaries and analysis of our football especially on the Black Stars. The earlier they close their ranks the better for all of them.

17.Why must Ghana as a country enriched with tried and tected coaches such as Kwasi Appiah, Ibrahim Tanko, Maxwell Kunadu, Didi Dramani....... and still languishing in the quagmire of searching for a coach for the Black Stars? I can't think far!!!

18.Let's use our just ended Ghana Premier league and juxtapose your taste for foreign coaches and see whether it's prudent and worthwhile the goose chase. What was their mode of entry and how did they exited?

19.The way forward....

Quickly revert back to engage a competent local coach to help clean our path. Let's consider the most qualified person and get him well motivated with clear cut and reasonable targets.

20.The Ghana Football Association must review their preposition on the head coach of the Black Stars with the needed passion and determination and be ready to corporate and redefine their interpretation of intervention in their affairs of the Black Stars .

The FA must work on their PR regarding the alleged interference, imposing of players on coaches, lack of relationship and effective communication. The Black Stars need a psychology and a qualified public speaking coach to help correct some the visible problems and other peripherals.

Please, Ghana needs a local coach at this crucial time and not an expatriate....We cannot afford $80,000 and $120,000 a month for a foreign Coach under our current economic challenges.

Sports journalist, citizen Journalists and other social media uses must take their time at this period to avoid sensationalism and sentimentalism in their posts, reportage, news writeups, commentaries and analysis to help minimise harm.

In news effects, to minimize harm is one of the fundamental ethics of journalism.

Let's be mindful of our professional and social responsibility at this crucial time.

By Mohammed Amin Lamptey

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