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Former GFA Veep Fred Pappoe suggests appearance fees for tournaments should be based on performance

Published on: 31 August 2022

Former Vice President of the Ghana Football Association, Fred Pappoe, has proposed that appearance fees for national teams should be based on performance.

According to Fred Pappoe, it is unfair for a team that reaches the final of AFCON to be giving the same amount as a team that exited a competition at the group stage.

Mr Pappoe was speaking at the first edition of the e-SPORTS summit in Accra on Wednesday when he suggested various ideas to bring the best out of the teams that represent Ghana at competitions.

“We need to tweak appearance fees to be focused on performance and output. We don’t need to keep it at the same amount or package all the time,” he said.

“Let us say generation A appears and reaches the final stages of the Afcon, either losing or winning and are awarded $20,000, do we think it will be fair to also reward generation B the same amount after being kicked out from the group stages? It won’t be fair.

"We need to tweak the appearance fee to be more of performance. The better you perform, the more you get. I don’t subscribe to the blanket stage where you reactive huge sums in appearance fear regardless of performance. I don’t think it is fair and I think it is something players themselves will ascribe to."

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