Former Hearts of Oak defender Larry Sumaila voices concerns over club's coaching instability

Published on: 16 November 2023

Former Hearts of Oak defender Ibrahim Larry Sumaila expresses dissatisfaction with the club's frequent changes of coaches, emphasizing the negative impact on team stability.

He believes that such transitions can hinder players' performance as they need time to adapt to different coaching styles.

"When coaches come and go, it’s a bit sad because sometimes it slows the performance of the club and the team and as a player," Sumaila told Radio Gold Sports.

Sumaila suggests that consistent coaching allows players to excel, and constant changes disrupt the team's rhythm.

"You know every player and how he adapts to a coach so maybe a coach comes in, a player may adapt to a coach’s playing style, and he will be performing very good and excellent.

"But immediately the coach is sacked or gone, the coach that comes in, he doesn’t tune to the coach, so it makes his performance a little bit down.

Despite the challenges, he acknowledges the responsibility of players to adapt and give their best under any coaching regime.

"So it takes the team down a little bit, but as a player, all you have to do is tune your mind and know what you have to do because it is your work.

"You know what you want so when a new coach comes in, you have to give him your mind and your all then you just adapt to his playing then you are good to go.

Currently, assistant coach Abdul Bashiru Tijani is leading the team on an interim basis following the parting ways with head coach Martin Koopman.

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