In a remarkable move to support women's football in Ghana, the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) organized a special media engagement today to present two sets of jerseys to the 19 participating Women's Premier League clubs.

The event, graced by esteemed guests including Minister of Youth and Sports Mustapha Ussif and Ghana Football Association boss Kurt Okraku, marked an important milestone for women's football in the country.

The initiative, aimed at boosting the growth and development of women's football, received generous support from the Bank of Ghana, which funded the purchase of the jerseys.

This collaboration between GHALCA and the Bank of Ghana highlights the increasing recognition and investment in women's football, reflecting a positive shift towards gender equality and empowerment through sports.

Representatives from all 19 Women's Premier League clubs were in attendance, expressing their gratitude for the much-needed assistance and emphasizing the significance of such initiatives in promoting the sport among women in Ghana. The provision of quality jerseys is expected to enhance the professionalism and identity of the clubs while raising the overall standard of the league.

The event also served as a celebration of the recently concluded Women's Premier League season, which culminated in an exhilarating final match between Ampem Darkoa and Hasaacas Ladies. Ampem Darkoa emerged victorious, securing a hard-fought victory over their opponents in a thrilling encounter.

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