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Ghanaian football clubs are facing bankruptcy amid the coronavirus outbreak which is sweeping the world.

Local football has grind to a halt as scientists race against time to find a vaccine for the deadly virus.

Clubs have been forced to take action after breaking camp amid the financial downturn affecting owners in the West African nation.

The suspension of football in Ghana has brought an untold hardship on owners, players, staff, sponsors and fans.

The 2019/2020 Ghana Premier League season is now facing a potential cancellation amid the uncertainty over the outbreak.

There are widespread fears clubs could go bankrupt if it proves impossible to resume the calendar on time.

The loss of revenue is both enormous, unplanned for  and, in the case of force majeure, usually uninsured.

But each club, no matter how small, is a myriad of people, and there will, heartbreakingly, be employees, voluntary staff, part-time workers and above all fans who have been impacted very badly while the virus is fought.

The standstill of all  football matches have had  many logistic and financial consequences for football clubs in Ghana.

While responses will depend on the evolution of the virus, the Ghana Football Association will have to look for solutions to minimize the blow of such interruption.

What is worrying for clubs is how the economical and contractual matters will be sorted out.

During this period, clubs have received no income and will prove difficult to pay salaries and wages of staff.

The smaller clubs have no profitable  television broadcast deals, and thus have to base most of their revenue around ticket sales, memberships, small sponsors and merchandising. This state of emergency has provoked that many clubs are now facing the unknown.

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