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Guarantee our safety before football restart- GPL players to authorities 

Published on: 04 August 2020

Godred Agyemang of Karela United and Dreams FC's Patrick Arthur have hinted they are ready to play if authorities can guarantee their safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The duo is eager to return to the field following government's ban on football activities since March due to the pandemic.

Despite all efforts to restart the game by the Ghana FA as it continues to engage the government to ease its restriction on football, players of the Premier League are also requesting for safety protocols such as testing to be provided before football restarts.

“The virus is still out there, but if the league authorities can assure us of our safety, I am happy to play,", Godfred Agyemang told BBC on football restart.

"I miss football. It's been a long time."

Arthur Patrick of Dream FC explained that the absence of football due to the pandemic has affected the livelihood of most players.

“It has not been easy - football is a source of livelihood for we Ghanaian players and all of a sudden, coronavirus stopped our income," he said.

"Financially, it’s not been okay for us. Been at home for six months has not been easy.

“I understand it may be a challenge for our Ghanaian football to follow the precaution off the European clubs but I am trusting the authorities to put things in place.”

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