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Best Basketball Handicap Strategy Available at W88 Club Bookie

Published on: 17 September 2021
Best Basketball Handicap Strategy Available at W88 Club Bookie
Basketball betting

Having basketball handicap strategy is important for bettors to make more money betting online. Basketball handicap strategy sharing from W88 Club experts will help you to bet.

Besides sports that offer other handicaps, basketball betting is also a game that many people love. Basketball betting also includes a lot of different bets in which handicap bets are popular, easy to play and bring the highest winning rate.

For detailed information about basketball handicaps, please refer to the following article from a W88 Club expert.

What is a basketball handicap on W88?

Handicap in basketball is similar to a handicap in football. Currently they are being gradually interested by young and active gamblers. With the experience of getting rich from betting on basketball, it will give players the opportunity to change their lives.

The world's basketball tournaments have attracted a lot of attention recently and attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign bettors.

Handicap in basketball is when you notice the difference in strength and ability between the two participating teams, the W88 bookies will offer odds on how many goals the strong team can handicap the weaker team.

The W88 Club bookies that offer this form of bet clearly show fairness on Basketball Handicap. Therefore, many betting players love to choose to bet.

Because the handicap process varies a lot, in the end there will be a difference between the handicap and the outcome of the basketball game. Odds are all under the control of the house. Therefore, players must take the initiative and study carefully before starting the game.

Basketball Handicap Strategy from W88 Experts

Quarter strategy to nail a handicap in basketball betting

One of the best basketball handicap betting strategies is the quarter strategy. There are four quarters in basketball and you can bet on each quarter separately. Quarter itself runs from 10 to 15 minutes.

For each quarter, players make certain judgments and plans before placing a handicap bet. Coaches can also influence the outcome of each round by making substitutions or taking breaks, so it's important to learn about how the coach usually controls the squad so that it doesn't affect judgment too much.

Results in each quarter can always be different, and therefore the rate of variation is large. This gives you the opportunity to bet multiple times on the handicap, especially when you choose the handicap in play.

Basketball betting
Basketball betting

Handicap strategy in-play basketball

You will see how the team plays in practice and what they can perform in the match. But if you choose this strategy, you will have to watch the matches live, which may not always be favorable due to the start times of these matches.

However, with the In Play handicap, you can be more predictable if combined with the quarter strategy. While it is possible that you will win less money with this type of handicap, the small amounts you win can add up to a large amount.

Basketball betting
Basketball betting

Point Average Betting Strategy in Basketball Handicap

The next strategy when considering handicap bets is to calculate the approximate total of the match. If you want to place a handicap bet based on the total number of goals scored by several teams, but cannot decide on a number, use this strategy.

Calculate the sum of the five previous match points of the team you want to handicap and divide by the corresponding year of competition. This is how we W88 Club experts get a rough understanding of the average score of a given team when it comes to encouraging players to bet on handicaps.

Track Moving Lines – Basketball betting trends

If you are still not clear, it is understandable that we need to monitor the trend of the handicap table to see every small change in them. If you see them drop continuously and then rise again, then it is a good time to place a bet on the basketball handicap.

For example, if the Orlando Magic played against the Knicks and the Magic handicapped the opponent 6 points. All the sports brands and the press flocked to talk about the Knicks. Therefore, the majority of players choose to bet on Knicks that are handicapped.

The handicap gradually diverged and from the Orlando Magic -6 handicap, it turned into -3. This reflects that everyone is flocking to bets on the Knicks to get a 3-point handicap.

If you see the handicap table starting to go in the opposite direction, the -3 turns into -4 again. This is certain that a certain professional bookmaker out there has grasped the handicap trend and taken advantage of this to place a bet.

Conclusion on Best Basketball Handicap Strategy

All you need to know about handicap betting strategy in basketball has been compiled and shared by experts W88 Club from Apply the knowledge you have just learned and participate in basketball handicap bets.

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