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Interesting facts about football boots

Published on: 28 November 2019

Playing in a strong team, it is very difficult to stand out from other players. Some football players come up with their “tricks” so that the fans will remember their names or to share some news from their personal lives, and there are those who just want to throw out the positive emotions accumulated after the utmost concentration on the game.

The most common action after a goal is to run across the football field with a T-shirt raised. After the ban on showing the torso, players began to wear a second T-shirt, which is sometimes personalized. There are also those who pull a T-shirt on their heads, but the Mirko Vučinić distinguished himself by his originality, who put on his newly shot football shorts. In a word, excitement. After all, everyone knows that the gambling industry is developing rapidly. Numerous online casinos are trying to meet the huge demand for this kind of entertainment, offering customers a wide range of various games. At the moment of them, there are more than a dozen of them, each of which has its own characteristics and audience.


And what does the word football mean? Literally, it means “a ball for a foot.” That is, for the game you need balls and legs, but not a tin tức bóng đá. And the boots should be on the legs. Otherwise, you can’t get to the World Cup. And it’s not a joke. In the history of world championships, such curiosity has already happened. In 1950, the Indian national team passed the qualifying tournament and was supposed to perform in the final part.

But, the championship was held without the participation of Indian players: they are not used to wearing shoes during the game. Therefore, they asked FIFA to let them play barefoot. The football officials rejected. In order to get to the 2014 World Cup of the Slovenian national team, it is necessary to defeat the Russian team in the play-offs. In order to stimulate the players, the head of the Slovenian government Borut Pahor promised that if he wins, the players’ boots will be cleared.

Slovenes defeated our team, a high official kept his promise and carefully cleaned the shoes of the whole team. For a long time, “Adidas” was a trendsetter in the football shoe market. In the boots of this company, the German national team won the World Championship in 1954. In the late 60s, Adidas became a strong competitor – “Puma.” “Puma” used a variety of tricks to advertise her boots. For example, she paid huge sums to the legendary Pele so that he would go on the field in these boots. And once, according to the agreement, Pele started to tie shoelaces just before the beginning of the match.

At this time, the camera showed the players’ close-up. Therefore, not only Pele but also his boots got into the frame. Italian football player Mario Balotelli is a big fan of camouflage colors. For example, he likes to drive around in a camouflaged car. However, this didn’t seem enough: he ordered the “militarized boots.” The English engraver Graham Short from Wakefield decided to compete with the Leskov hero Lefty. The Englishman placed the boots, the coat of arms of England, and the names of all the players of the national team of this country who scored goals at the world championships on one spike.


This unusual rarity was bought by a player of the English Premier League (who wished to remain anonymous) for £ 30,000. He donated it to the Football Museum of Manchester. Now one can often see a football player wearing boots of different colors on the field. About thirty years ago, people could think that such a player was absent-minded. But now this doesn’t surprise anyone. Moreover, some players wear the boots of two different manufacturers. Some say that it’s more convenient, while others try to chase two rabbits, because, in this case, they get money for advertising two companies at once.

In 1981, the football players of “Dynamo” (Tbilisi) went to Dusseldorf for the Final Cup with the team “Carl Zeiss” (GDR). After arriving in Germany, it turned out that the luggage of Otar Gabelia, the goalkeeper of Dynamo, was lost. The football player didn’t have the equipment. “Adidas” gave him a new form, but there wasn’t a suitable shoe size. His teammate Aleksandre Chivadze, who had a spare pair of shoes, helped him out. Gabelia himself recalled that he felt uncomfortable in the unusual shoes, but they turned out lucky since Dynamo won that match.


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