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Is using a no deposit online casino the best way to go in 2018?

Published on: 29 October 2018
Is using a no deposit online casino the best way to go in 2018?
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In the world of online casinos potential players are courted intensely, with various sites vying to tempt new registrations, and to beat what their competitors are offering.

This battle is great news for anyone looking to join the world of online gaming via a casino site.

What does ‘no deposit’ mean?

In general most online casinos offer new players an incentive to have them sign up, and the current trend is for ‘matched deposits’. Once the player has registered and made their first deposit they receive anything from 25 – 100% of it extra from the site, (there is usually a limit on the total matched.) Sometimes up to three deposits are covered. Sites offering matched deposits sometimes also throw in a number of free spins, others offer just the free spins.

Most sites offer free spins as the carrot on a stick, although some others are free spins no deposit where you can win real money.

The benefits of choosing a no-deposit online casino

  •         Free spins offer a good opportunity to try out new games you may not want to part with cash for, while free cash lets you try even more of what a casino has to offer.
  •         You don’t usually need to share bank account details unless you decide to make a deposit, or you win enough to make a withdrawal.
  •         If you end up with no profit you have lost nothing, financially.
  •         It’s a good opportunity to try out a new or quite new site that doesn’t have many customer reviews to judge it by.

The potential snags with no deposit casinos

  •         Many will have quite high wagering requirements in place, which means that anything won from the bonus will have to be bet again anything from 2 to 50 or 60 times before any winnings can be withdrawn. [There are some casinos which offer no-wager bonuses so look out for them.]
  •         Free spins given are often valued at the lower end of the wagering scale for a slot, so the chance of winning a large amount is low. [Tip – if you can choose freely go for slots with higher payouts for matching three or four symbols, or to maximize your chances of winning pick low-medium volatility slots. If you have the chance to play slots linked to a progressive jackpot grab them, as despite the long odds you at least have some chance of winning.]
  •         Some online casinos place caps on how much no deposit bonus players can withdraw overall. These are worth avoiding as should you win a decent amount you want to be able to withdraw it all.

Overall the chances of winning (and withdrawing the cash) from an online casino no deposit offer are generally lower than they are on a match deposit site, but they give you the opportunity to experiment and to check out a site before adding bank details. Which you choose really depends on which option most appeals with also able to provide some guidance on the latest trends in the industry. 

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