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Kotoko rejected a $50k deal for Sogne Yacouba- Yussif Chibsah reveals

Published on: 31 March 2020

Former Ghana midfielder Yussif Chibsah has disclosed that Asante Kotoko rejected a $50,000 deal for forward Sogne Yacouba. 

Yussif Chibsah also confirmed the Burkinabe attacker has joined his outfit, Club Consult Limited, a FIFA intermediary that deals with the transfer of players.

"It’s true Songne Yacouba has join my outfit; club consult limited but the player has his own local managers Mr Jantuah and Alhaji who have the leeway to exercise authority on the player to negotiate with Asante Kotoko,' he told Ashh FM.

"For us at Club Consult, our mandate is to ensure the player lands a foreign contract," he added.

Chibsah denied accusation that he forced Sogne Yacouba to reject a new deal from Asante Kotoko following long negotiations with the club.

"It's not true I, Yusif Chibsah, doesn't want Yacouba to renew his contract with Asante Kotoko,' he continued.

"I haven't stop Songne Yacouba joining Asante Kotoko

"I have never interfered in the Asante Kotoko and Yacouba contract renewal. It is not my mandate to do so.

"Any discussion about Yacouba's contract and negotiation solely lies on his local managers who oversees such matters. "

The ex-Asante Kotoko captain went on to reveal that he had a deal for the Burkina Faso forward when he had three months left on his contract but the club rejected the move.

"I got a deal worth $50,000 for Asante Kotoko talisman Songne Yacouba but the management of Asante Kotoko said the money was too meagre for a player of Yacouba's calibre when the player had only 3 months left to end his contract with Asante Kotoko," said Chibsah.

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