Liverpool ahead of top four on agent fees list

Published on: 30 November 2015

Liverpool have paid player agents the most money over the past yea or so.

The Reds sit atop the list of Premier League clubs who have shelled out the most in agents fees between October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015.

Liverpool spent £14.301million on fees, which was almost £7m down on the previous year, but still outweighs the £13.9m Manchester United offloaded.

Manchester City sat third having forked out a little over £12.4m with Chelsea and Arsenal making up the top five.

Premier League agents fees 2014-15:

Liverpool: £14,301,464
Manchester United: £13,881,814
Manchester City: £12,429,380
Chelsea: £11,961,206
Arsenal: £11,928,584
West Ham: £7,049,001
Tottenham: £5,987,052
Newcastle: £5,946,031
Southampton: £5,391,172
Stoke City: £5,308,545
Aston Villa: £4,986,058
Crystal Palace: £4,719,931
Everton: £4,479,432
Swansea City: £4,250,030
Leicester City: £4,057,727
Sunderland: £3,404,540
West Bromwich Albion: £3,342,217
Norwich City: £2,484,285
Bournemouth: £2,328,862
Watford: £1,620,229