Martin Koopman blames Hearts of Oak's draw against Heart of Lions on hard luck

Published on: 09 November 2023

Hearts of Oak's coach, Martin Koopman has blamed their stalemate against Heart of Lions on Wednesday on luck stating that his team deserved to win despite the toughness of the game.

In a matchday five outstanding encounter with the Lpando-based club on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, which concluded with a goalless draw at the Hohoe Stadium, both teams struggled to capitalise on opportunities in their outstanding premier league fixture.

Addressing the press at full time, Koopman reflected on the demanding nature of the game, noting, "Again, tough game. The weather was also tough in the first half, but in general, we are just not a little bit lucky."

The goalless draw leaves Hearts of Oak in the 10th position on the league standings with 11 points. Despite the challenges faced, Koopman remains focused on the team's performance and expressed a desire for a change in fortune.

Hearts of Oak's upcoming match is scheduled to be at home against Legon Cities. As they prepare for this fixture, Koopman and his squad will be aiming to secure a positive result and climb the league standings.

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