Recordings Emerge of De Rossi Contract Discussions with Roma

Published on: 21 May 2019

Since Roma announced that iconic midfielder Daniele De Rossi was going to leave at the end of the 2018/19 season, a couple of audio recordings have emerged with the 35-year-old discussing a potential contract with Lupi CEO Guido Fienga.

The Giallorossi player will be leaving after 18 years with the senior squad but he had reportedly talked to the club about getting paid on a game-to-game basis for the following season.

La Gazzetta dello Sport report that De Rossi spoke to Fienga about wages for 2019/20, earning €100,000 per match, €1 million for 10 games, €3m for 30 games, and nothing for zero matches.

It is also unclear if the idea was totally rejected because the first audio had an interruption, therefore missing a part of the conversation, and then continued on.

Apparently Fienga was prepared to approve of the demands but that required persuading Roma president James Pallotta, who eventually announced the departure of De Rossi from the club.