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Soccer, More Than Just A Game - Lesson From Ghana

Published on: 28 January 2020
Soccer, More Than Just A Game - Lesson From Ghana
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If you love football, then you must know that it’s more than just a game played on the field. It’s an incredibly powerful tool that can be launched to tackle societal problems, drive a cause, impact lives, halt a war and practically change the world. However, it’s the aspect of changing the world that has intrigued many in the West African sub-region of Ghana.

Ghana is Nigeria’s West African neighbor and also a strong rival in sports. The country has revamped the coaching crew of all their national teams (nine in total), including their global flagship football team – the Black Stars. By doing that, they’ve made a strong statement to the world about who they are and where they belong on the currently ongoing global civilization war.

On a global scale, Ghana might be a small country, but it has a rich political history that’s deeply rooted in the continent’s culture. From the country’s first president after independence in 1959, it started spearheading a vision to make Africa and black people a force to reckon with globally.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s vision of a united Africa was clearly ahead of his time since only a few African leaders understood the tomorrow he saw.

Since Dr. Nkurumah’s tenure, the country has been under the leadership of several visionaries aimed at making the country the centerpiece of African development. Today, the country is under the arms of Dr. Nana Addo, a visionary who encapsulates Nkrumah’s spirit.

But what do these things have to do with changing the national teams’ coaching crew?

In Ghana, football is an essential product that’s not only promoted by Betway88 soccer bets but also the hearts of many citizens. Everyone is involved in the game even while not betting Betway88, led by their President Dr. Ado, who is a strong supporter of the local side, Asante Kitoko.

The Ghanaians loyally support the game better than anyone in the region and have established a great football culture that most countries would only dream about.

In West Africa, Ghanaians believe their football style to be superior to the rest, contributing to one of the biggest soccer rivalries between them and their neighbors, Nigeria. However, the head-to-head statistics between the football national teams of the two countries speak miles. Ghana is far ahead of Nigeria, having won 25 to 13 times since 1950.

The move by Ghana to change the coaching crew of their nine national teams to be headed by local citizens makes a bold statement in line Nkurumah’s vision to make the black race great again. The move comes as racism war continues escalating in the European football fields, with hostility mostly directed towards black footballers.

While different organizations have attempted to eradicate this cancer in the football fields, the attempts have been half-hearted and failed largely.

As a result, blacks don’t stand a fair chance of occupying any position beyond the field, since they’re not considered intelligent enough to manage a complex game such as football. That’s why Ghana has decided to swim or sink with their indigenous Black coaches despite being highly successful with foreign managers.

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