Sports Betting at it’s Best

Published on: 28 July 2020
Sports Betting at it’s Best
Sports betting

The thrill and enjoyment of winning is something that nearly effects every single person around the world. That same thrill and enjoyment is felt by sports fans and sports handicappers around the world when winning every sports bet placed during any sporting event from soccer to football to basketball to baseball to hockey to fighting and even golf.

While winning is the key goal that every sports bettor seeks when placing a sports bet at a sports betting website, the reality is that sports betting is not an easy task and something that can be difficult. Honestly, wouldn’t it be easier if every sports bettor had some betting strategies and tips to help develop into winning more sports bet.

That said, here at CentSports we decided to take a look at some key betting strategies and tips for each of the major sports to help you win your next sports bet. Here is a list of betting strategies and tips to focus on when placing that next sports bet.

Basketball Betting Strategies & Tips

Focus on Injury List & Who’s Playing – The biggest piece of advice that can recommended when looking to bet on basketball is to focus on the injury list and who might be playing. This goes well with the NBA over the past few seasons especially with the increase of healthy scratches to allow players to rest due to lingering injuries. When looking at the injury list focus on significant injuries such as groin and hamstring injuries. Lastly, try to wait as long as possible to bet on a matchup because an early bet on a team such as the Los Angeles Lakers when expecting their star player Lebron James to play may look great but a healthy scratch 30 minutes before game time could lead to a loss.

Look at the Schedule of Teams Playing – Like the injury report, the NBA schedule can play a key role in a player seeing the floor for their normal time or the potential for that player to see reduced minutes or even not seeing the floor at all. With the NBA increasing back to back games and stretches where teams playing three games in four days or four games in six days, the impact it could have on the stamina of a player is significant. While this could lead to rest or reduced playing time, it could also lead to struggles for the players/teams.

Statistics for Team/Players – Lastly focus on what can be found right in front of you on any smart device or computer and that is statistics for both teams and players. Yes there is a lot of information present but focus on a few key measures over trying to look at all the information and try to build an understanding how to use those few key measures. For example one key statistics to look at is how a player performs on the road. This could be simple such as looking at how a player plays in general on the road or you could look at how a player might play when they travel from the east to the west coast. Also look at how players perform in the second game of back to backs, this should help you narrow down the games you want to bet and potential sports picks.

Baseball Betting Strategies & Tips

Hitter/Pitching Statistics – One of the key baseball betting strategy to consider is looking at the statistics between the hitter and pitcher. This includes any previous statistics the two might have against one another for example Gerrit Cole is pitching against the Baltimore Orioles. If you look at this look at how well he has pitched against them, how well the Orioles hitters have fared in previous matchups. If the Orioles are 2 for 22 against him, this would be a key measure to look to bet the New York Yankees in this matchup. Other hitter/pitcher stats to look at is how hitters perform against a lefty/righty pitcher as well as pitchers fare against left/right hitters. When doing this you should assume the hitting team will substitute more right handed hitters against a lefty who struggles against righties.

Football Betting Strategies & Tips

Focus on Betting Trends – Leading into placing your bet on an NFL football game, research previous betting trends for every team in action and focus on teams that have a solid track record at winning as the favorite or as the underdog or when they are on the road. For example the Washington Football Team is playing the Dallas Cowboys, leading into this game the Cowboys are 5-1 against the spread on the road and are 6-0 out right in those contests. Meanwhile the Washington Football Team is just 1-5 on the road this season against the spread and 2-4 against the spread. The numbers point to the Cowboys for this example.

Defensive Statistics – Like in baseball and basketball, looking at the statistics will play key in any sports bettor having success nightly. In football a key statistic to focus on is a team’s defense and how well players have performed against elite/good/bad defenses. For example, a match between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons has two great passing quarterbacks facing off. When looking at the statistics, the Falcons have allowed at least 300 yards in seven straight games and have struggled against elite quarterbacks. Meanwhile the Saints defense has allowed the fewest yards per game through the air, lead the NFL in interceptions and limited the Falcons passing game to just 125 yards and three interceptions in their first meeting of the season.

Soccer Betting Strategies & Tips

Bet the Favorites – A key soccer betting strategy is a pretty simple one and one that has proven to be very successful for many sports bettors around the world. While you still have to do your research, in the contests you are playing to see if a star player might not be playing or if a team is battling a slew of injuries. In the end, while an upset could hurt you in some cases the chances of winning is higher in general going with the favorite.

Bet the Score – Another betting tip is to consider just betting the number of goals scored potential for the outcome of the matchup. While this will take some researching, it is a great option to consider especially if you build up a knowledge and understanding of goal scoring in the various soccer leagues. This includes electing to bet the 0-0 draw which can have a payout range from 5-1 odds upwards of 25-1 odds. While the risk is there winning just one or two of these matchups will help build up your bank roll. Prior to making these bets take time to learn the game and statistics then practice by making practice predictions for each game. Complete this practice for the time needed to see you winning more than you are losing.

These are just a few of the key sports betting strategies and tips to consider when placing your sports bet. Stay tuned for more key information from us.



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