Ten Pro Tips to Become a Better Scorer in Soccer

Published on: 02 June 2019
Ten Pro Tips to Become a Better Scorer in Soccer
Asamoah Gyan is a proven goalscorer

Soccer is one of the most competitive games in the world. While good defense is undoubtedly necessary, being able to score is just as important. In soccer, a clutch goal may prove to be the difference between winning and losing. Here are a few tips to improve your soccer shooting. 

Be Ready to Score

To be successful on the soccer field, you must always be ready to score. Failing to do so jeopardizes your team’s chances of being victorious. When the goal is in sight, don’t hesitate to shoot your shot. Don’t worry about missing. Remember, even superstar players don’t score every time. Believing in yourself is of the utmost importance. Each day, work on establishing a more positive mindset.

Watch Your Opponent's Positioning 

Develop a habit of watching the goalkeeper. By being observant of their body position, you’ll have a better opportunity to score. If the goalkeeper is leaning towards the right, quickly kicking the ball to the left will help create imbalance. Shooting across the keeper should give you an advantage. Also, focus on attacking any gaps. Even the slightest opening will help you to make a goal.

Practice Your Shooting Techniques

It’s especially important to practice your shooting techniques. The daily repetition will make your shots second nature. During the heat of the moment, you’ll be prepared to act. According to the pros, side-foot shots are exceptionally accurate. Players can gain more control over the ball. However, a standard chance can be nearly as effective if you maintain an excellent follow-through.

Get Your Body Fit

Don’t overlook the importance of training your body. You need to maintain proper energy throughout the game. When tired, you lack the focus it takes to shoot a good shot. Players with high cardiovascular fitness can run longer without experiencing fatigue. However, having strong muscles will also help improve your stamina. Fitness Fahrenheit is an excellent source to find information and tips on strength training.

Work on Your Form

Be sure to remain aware of your form. A solid form helps when shooting shots. As you prepare to strike, keep your head down and focus on the ball. You should also keep your body over the ball as opposed to leaning to the side. If possible, record some of your practice sessions on video. This will help you to correct any bad habits.

Maintain Your Composure

Like most sports, soccer requires a certain amount of composure. The best players have outstanding self-control. When the game is on the line, you don’t want to crack under pressure. Nervousness often translates to poor performance on the field. Develop a habit of tuning out the crowd. Focus solely on kicking the ball past the goalkeeper. Your teammates will be there to provide extra motivation.

Make it Harder for the Goalkeeper

To no surprise, some shots are far more difficult for goalkeepers to defend. This best approach is to avoid kicking too many high shots. A tall goalkeeper can quickly jump to catch the ball. You may have more success kicking the ball low. A shot that’s on the ground forces the defender to drop down. By the time they react, it may already be too late to prevent a score. Most players also have a higher success rate scoring in corners. Kicking down the middle is only half as effective.

Learn to Use Both Feet

It’s natural for soccer players to favor one foot over the other. However, some of the greatest athletes in the world can use both feet. Because they can score using both feet, the opposition must work even harder to prevent a goal. Nothing beats having multiple weapons at your disposal.

Stay Active and Alert

Soccer is a fast-moving sport that requires you to stay active and alert. Simply standing still probably won’t put you in an excellent position to score. Try to remain on your toes as much as possible. The opposing team will have a tougher time stopping you.

Don’t Overthink When Shooting

Overthinking makes scoring goals far more difficult. During crunch time, go for it! This relates to the importance of practicing your shooting techniques. Well-prepared competitors rarely make the mistake of overthinking. Because the game of soccer has so much action, you won’t have enough time to analyze every single play. Don't be afraid to fail.