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This coronavirus issue is not a joke- Albania based Winful Cobinnah warns Ghanaians

Published on: 17 March 2020

Albania based midfielder Winful Cobinnah has warned Ghanaians to take precautionary measures serious following the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in the West African nation.

Cobinnah is unhappy with the way Ghanaians treat urgent issues with the latest being the coronavirus, blasting his compatriots for making a joke out of everything.

"I think as Ghanaians we joke a lot with very serious issues this coronaviros issue is not a joke. I have been watching some videos and reading on social media how people are circulating fake news and joking with it," he told Asempa FM.

Ghana has now recorded six cases of COVID 19 forcing President of the country Nana Akufo Addo to call for the suspension of all social gatherings with large numbers including sporting activities.

"It started in Albania here with 8 cases now we're having more than 12 cases and is a very serious virus we shouldn't joke about it in Ghana I think our elders should put measure to it fight it fast before it get to hands," Cobinnah said.

"If I need anything, you just have to call the club management or the team doctors and they will provide it for, for now am really safe and we're are praying it end early because no one is going out we're all in room eating and sleeping since they break us," he concluded.

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