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When you need help with Betpawa, it’s good to know how to reach out and which virtual platforms to use. The Betpawa Contact Number and other support options are designed for users’ ease and are intended to provide assistance 24/7. In this guide, we’ll explain the workflow behind each method and understand their effectiveness.

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Customer Support at Betpawa Tanzania

Customer Support at Betpawa Tanzania

Betpawa Tanzania offers customers different alternative channels to contact agents for assistance. Each of them is unique in terms of the level of responsiveness and timeframe within which you can get your assistance.

Before explaining each option separately, it is worth mentioning the solid FAQ section available on the bookmaker’s site/mobile app. When you open the website and log in to your account, scroll down to the very bottom and click on the Help button to display the most common issues punters face.

There, you can get answers to queries for deposits, withdrawals, the process of creating an account, logins, account features, etc. For instance, you can check out how to deposit money using all available systems or get acquainted with account creation steps.

The section looks impressive and covers the majority of common topics, meaning you might not even need to reach out to the agent. However, if you need to address your issues with the specialist, you can do it via emails and social media platforms or request a call using the contact number provided on the website. Let’s discuss each channel and provide the results of our experience of communication with the Betpawa CS representatives.

Betpawa’s Email Support

Betpawa users can send their questions to the following address: [email protected].

The main difference between this and other options can be illustrated by the waiting time. When you send a message to the bookie’s electronic address, you will typically get an automatic response, which will look like this:

“Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting betPawa! Your email was well received and will be replied in no longer than 1 hour. Keep it betPawa!”

Your main query will be answered within one hour. Sometimes, it might take a bit longer than the timeframe indicated in the aforementioned response. However, consider that 60 minutes is the average time.

Live Chat Features at Betpawa

Unfortunately, Betpawa does not have a classic Live-Chat feature, which most websites provide directly from websites or apps. Nevertheless, you can try alternative methods and communicate through Telegram and Facebook chats.

You can find the social media messenger links on the platform’s website. Both Telegram and FB assistance are available 24/7, and you can send your inquiries anytime.

When you open Telegram, you will see an automatically generated prompt message, /start, which will trigger the first answer from the bot. While Swahili is the primary language, you can specify your willingness to communicate in English, and agents will speak to you in English. It is worth noting that the average responding time ranges between 2-3 minutes, while agents are polite and provide comprehensive responses. Once the chat is finished, you will be asked to rate the service.

Facebook Messenger has a similar pattern in terms of its operation, except for the bot’s welcoming message. You can discuss your problem in English and Swahili and get a response within 2-3 minutes, while the specialist will again ask you to rate the conversation in the end.

So far, we have talked about communication methods where you talk to CS representatives through texts. What about verbal channels? Let’s see how the Betpawa phone support works.

Betpawa Tanzania Phone Assistance

Betpawa currently offers two phone numbers to contact the CS agent:

  • First number: (+255) 693 563 958
  • Second number: (+255) 674 027 252.

An additional number, +255 677 500 032, is also accessible for WhatsApp communication.

It might take some time before the agent responds to the call. However, this is arguably the fastest option, as there is no usual waiting time like with chats or emails. You can simply dial the number and explain your issue to the specialist.

Additionally, you can request a call from the Betpawa site. From the Help page, click on the I Want to Speak to Agent button, type your number, and specify the query. Betpawa employees will call you within 10 minutes.

It is noteworthy that the bookie suggests using messengers during the busiest hours if you are willing to get assistance as soon as possible.

Contact Betpawa Customer Service Here!

Betpawa Corporate Headquarters

Betpawa has a number of offices located in African cities, including Lagos, Accra, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, etc. However, the headquarters are currently in the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn.

Betpawa Tanzania Commitment to Customer Care

BetPawa Customer Support

Betpawa ardently demonstrates its dedication to elevating the user experience through a multifaceted approach to client support. They have a helpful FAQ that answers many questions upfront. You can find useful information on account features, deposit and withdrawal procedures, password reset or recovery, and how to place bets. Additionally, you can check out the PayBill number and how to use that number to request and complete transactions from the betting account to the banking one.

The platform also uses popular tools like Telegram and Facebook to talk to users via text messages, showing they want to connect in easy ways. Even their email support tries to reply quickly, aiming for an answer within an hour. Every option has its own quirks, but altogether, it’s obvious that Betpawa wants to help its customers effectively.


Betpawa client support exhibits a mix of promptness and adaptability. The robust FAQ page is commendable for its preemptive support. The innovative use of Telegram and Facebook for chat is laudable, but the initial Swahili bot response on Telegram might deter non-Swahili speakers.

The email support’s promise of an hour-long response, while impressive, raises concerns when delays occur. Phone support offers immediacy, but potential wait times could be off-putting. Suggesting messengers during peak times subtly hints at possible lags in other channels. Overall, Betpawa’s approach is praiseworthy, but there’s room for refinement in ensuring consistent user satisfaction.


What technology does Betpawa employ?

To support the website operations, Betpawa currently uses CrUX Top 50m, Euro, and CrUX Dataset.

How many people are employed by Betpawa?

According to the company’s LinkedIn bio, there are over 300 full-time employees at the moment, a quite remarkable number compared to other virtual betting companies.

What is the revenue of Betpawa?

Betpawa is owned by Mchezo Limited. This company does not publish income statements, and there are only rumors regarding the revenue of Betpawa.

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