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VIDEO: Watch Clifford Aboagye take his Atlas FC teammates through 'Ga' test

Published on: 08 February 2019
VIDEO: Watch Clifford Aboagye take his Atlas FC teammates through 'Ga' test
Clifford Aboagye

In Mexico, football is played in Spanish. There is a necessity to find both your feet and tongue in the Liga MX as do former Ghana youth midfield star, Clifford Aboagye.

The media in Mexico often aim criticisms against foreign players who ply their trade in the North America about their linguistic abilities.

But this is not the case for Ghanaian midfielder Clifford Aboagye who is 'fairly' eloquent in the Spanish language. The diminutive attacking midfielder grasped the language whilst playing for Spanish Segunda Division side Granada.

Aboagye tried to take some of his teammates at Atlas FC through 'Ga' test but they unsurprisingly failed. Ga is spoken in south-eastern Ghana, in and around the capital Accra. It has relatively little dialectal variation. Although English is the official language of Ghana, Ga is one of 16 languages in which the Bureau of Ghana Languages publishes material on.

The 23-year-old's Atlas FC teammates tried to turn the tide when they put him to test in 'Yucatec Maya' language but he failed woefully just as his teammates did in his local dialect. The Yucatec Maya language is spoken by over three quarters of a million people in Mexico.

Check how Aboagye takes his Atlas FC teammates through Ga class;

Pensábamos que el dialecto GA de @cliffortis era complicado, hasta que a él le tocó aprender nuevas palabras en español. ? ?‍♂️

— Atlas FC (@atlasfc) February 8, 2019

By: Reuben Obodai @ReubenObodai on Twitter

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