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What Can Make Ghana Become Competitive At World Cup?

Published on: 02 July 2020

It is important to note that all African football teams do not encounter the same problems. Nevertheless, Ghana can consider attempting to outline certain changes that can assist in making the continent become, at the World Cup, more competitive. The Following are some of the things that Ghana ought to do.

Improve Its Domestic Leagues

It is through improving the domestic leagues that the football players will feel encouraged to join different leagues, as well as increase their interest in football. This will improve the quality and quantity of the talent pool of the United States.

Exploit Diaspora

African teams are known for losing their best players to European countries. Apart from giving countries several options, when it comes to purchasing a football player, it is important for Ghana to consider incorporating the Diaspora. It is through this that football manager will opt for turning to players who enjoy typical football education, in addition to bringing different and varying qualities to the national team.

Football should Be Placed in Trusted Leaders’ Hands

Transparency is among the issues that were being experienced regarding the old FA. People who want to become leaders ought to understand that they need to implement policies that can positively improve football. Regardless of the responsibility given to a specific individual, there is a need for having a proper separation of power to encourage football leaders to thrive, as well as give room for external checks and balances.

When domestic leagues are improved, and Diaspora exploited, it will be possible for Ghana football to experience a positive change. Having leadership that works towards changing the face of the Ghana football can be a plus. With this, the players can get the appropriate support, which encourages them to become the best team not only in Africa but also in the rest of the world. Football news is recommended for up-to-date football news.


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