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Why Are Mobile Casinos So Popular?

Published on: 16 July 2020

Mobile casinos were predicted to become one of the most popular forms of gambling well over a decade ago. They were also thought to ultimately be responsible for the death of traditional online casino gaming in the long-term. A decade on, we can safely say that the first prediction has eventually come true. However, far from wiping out instant play casinos, mobile casinos have mostly morphed into them. When there is no football on to watch, it’s a great way to entertain yourself online.


What Happened?

Mobile casinos were always going to be popular. It was already apparent a decade ago that we would be using mobile phones for everything in the future. Fast forward to today, and we use them to make calls, text, share content, stream videos, listen to music, plan our day and stay in touch with the world’s events, as well as play games. Yes, we even use mobile phones to gamble. Naturally, given that we are using mobile phones for everything else, of course, mobile casinos became popular.


Bye-Bye to Apps

Initially, mobile casino gaming was planned as an industry which would involve apps. Like so many other mobile apps geared towards gambling like poker, slots, bingo or even sports betting, we thought that casino apps would become the new norm. However, this has not panned out. Instead, most of the major online casinos are actually browser-based. In short, you need only to head to the casino in question and sign-in via the web browser on your smartphone and tablet to play. The lack of any downloads with frequent updates and space-consuming apps has spurred on the growth of instant-play mobile casino gaming. Far from killing off instant play casinos, instant play sites were redeveloped in HTML 5 to make them mobile-friendly.


Mobile Improvements to the Casino World

There are other reasons why mobile casino gaming has continued to grow, too. First and foremost, the technology has improved. Most casino software providers have spent time trying to ensure that their games are mobile-friendly and that they can run smoothly on most devices. Secondly, a variety of easy to use mobile banking options has encouraged players to opt for this platform.

You have specialized mobile-only promotions and bonuses which also tempt players into playing. Lastly, the ability to play wherever you are, any time of any day is always going to trump being forced to sit in front of your laptop or at a desk at home.


My Mobile Casino

In the early days, mobile casino gaming was primitive. It involved nothing more than a few games (which you had to download to your app separately) and was an altogether sub-par experience to playing online via an instant play site. However, if I check out my mobile casino today, I find that it is a virtually identical experience to play via a computer-based web browser. There are hundreds of games, even live dealer titles, ample promos, reliable support and much more besides. If you were to examine your mobile casinos, you would find the same.

All of the above has played no small part in ensuring that mobile casino gaming is now the norm, and immensely popular amongst gamblers located across the world.

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