2014 World Cup: Feud between Nigeria FA and coach escalates as Keshi refuses to submit provisional list

Published on: 4 years ago
2014 World Cup: Feud between Nigeria FA and coach escalates as Keshi refuses to submit provisional list
Stephen Keshi says he is not in hurry to submit a list of players for World Cup to the NFF

The feud between Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi, and the Technical Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has degenerated after the coach refused to submit a provisional list of 35 players for the World Cup.

Relations between Keshi and the federation became frosty last week when Keshi was queried for attending a sponsor’s event on the day he had an appointment with the technical committee.

He was also accused of embarking on an unapproved vacation in America.

Sources at the NFF disclosed last night that Keshi had also failed to reply to the issues raised in the query by the Chris Green-led committee.

Football followers in the country have described the unfolding development as disturbing given that the World Cup is fast approaching in Brazil.

The federation was hoping to announce this provisional list of 35 players for the World Cup by the end of the week.

But a furious Keshi kicked yesterday he was not in a hurry to submit the provisional list but rather accused the committee of mounting undue pressure on him on the deadline on when to submit the list.

Keshi also said the committee was not following the right channel as he only read in the media that he was to submit a 35-man squad provisional list.

"I am not in a hurry to submit the list. First, the report was that I was to submit 40 names. Now I am hearing it is 35 players. I will only submit a list of 30 players when I am ready," he insisted yesterday.

Nigeria will regroup in London on May 26, two days before a friendly match against Scotland at Craven Cottage.

The Eagles will play two more friendly matches against USA and Greece in America before leaving for Brazil on June.11.


  • kkknj
    says: 4 years ago
    No don't submit nothing. They want you to submit the list so that they start taking bribes from who will go and who will not go. Dont do it. Even if you decide don't submit more than 23 players, period. We want both Nigeria and all African Countries to do well in this world cup. This time no libi libi be-ara.
  • Godwins
    says: 4 years ago
    You can't ever report good developments in Nigeria football. Bad belle
  • Benny
    says: 4 years ago
    This is what AFricans do best silly argument on unnecesary stuff whilst we keep our eyes from the main focus. Leave Keshi alone to do his job,good for Nothing idiots.
  • Chidi
    says: 4 years ago
    This vampires in NFF are the ones trying to creat distractions and confusion before the World Cup ! If Nigerian performs badly it's is this thugs in NFF that shall be held responsibly!
  • Praemonitus, praemunitus
    says: 4 years ago
    Poor Ghana, because Nigeria is camping in the US, Ghana too has decided they are camping in the US. But you guys have to understand Nigeria is not playing the US in the WC but Ghana is.
  • Mike
    says: 4 years ago
    @kkknj y don't u call keshi on phone and tell him than writing. an advice he cannot see.
  • kabaka
    says: 4 years ago
    Nff leave keshi alone let him select his best players for Ƨ̷̜ђƸ̵ WC, Bad leaders, this is Ђo̶̲̥̅̊w̶̲̥̅̊ they used to do others coaches when Nigeria is not doing well in world cup,