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2014 World Cup: Ghana FA technical director urges Kwesi Appiah to prove mettle in Brazil

Published on: 24 April 2014
Ghana FA technical director Oti Akenten says Kwesi Appiah must meet expectations in Brazil.

By Rahman Osman

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Ghana Football Association technical director Francis Oti Akenten has urged Kwesi Appiah to cease the opportunity and make a HUGE mark at the 2014 World Cup.

Appiah is the first indigenous Ghanaian coach to lead the Black Stars at the World Cup after Serbs Ratomir Djukovic and Milovan Rajevac guided them in Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010.

The Black Stars reached the quarter-final of the last edition and were seconds away from a historic semi-final berth.

But Asamoah Gyan missed a late minute penalty and Ghana drew 1-1 with Uruguay after extra-time time but were eliminated on penalties.

Akenten says the ex-Ghana captain must improve that performance to establish himself as a renowned coach in world football.

“Kwesi (Appiah) has done well so far and many did not give him a dog’s chance when he first took office,” Akenten told

“It is only when you climb a higher height that you see that there are higher heights to climb.

“There is no limit to how far Kwesi can go with the team and we are all united in pushing him to achieve what has never been done before.

“Once the headache of qualification had been achieved the next target had to be set and that is to go further than we did in the previous World Cup competitions and Kwesi will have to work harder to leave his legacy on the team at the world stage.”

Ghana are housed in group G which includes tournament favorites Germany, Portugal and the USA.




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  • NONI(9JA 1ST SON) says:
    April 24, 2014 10:47 am
    see as person be like raining season.... How can such a person be a country's football technical director and you expect such a country to win a single match in Brazil. Tweeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa
  • Benny says:
    April 24, 2014 10:20 am
    Oti Akenteng please stop the nonsense.You will all be blamed if AA fails to deliver.You recently were blindly claiming Dauda is AA favourate goalkeeper and that you all know what he can do meanwhile this guy Dauda is warming bench all because he is paying all of you. AA can only succeed if all of you look beyond your personal short term divergent interest and be honest and choose players on merit not by taking bribes from Dauda,Inkoom,Aful etc . Thank God there is no home or away fixtures in Brazil and any tactical bankruptcy like we all witness in Egypt will send us packing and it's not only AA who will be blamed because you are all in it together as the conservatives says here in Britain. We have the players to deliver but nativity ,favouritism ,nepotism,bribery on the part of you stupid half baked fake class one technical bench will send us back early . How can we be told that AA has gone to South Africa to monitor the players not knowing he went to see two bench warmers and because of black clash ,we get told he went on holiday.Which means the tax payer pays for AA to holiday in South Africa and claim his cheque from the bench warmers.Double win. The only hope l have in Brazil is in the players not a bit in AA and his corrupt fake technical entourage including Oti Akenteng.
  • access says:
    April 24, 2014 08:31 am
    Stop blaming Asamoah Gyan for penalty miss.People should blame John Paintsil for the free kick that took Ghana lead away and the coach....Penalty is 50/50...
  • Fiifi, Berlin says:
    April 24, 2014 12:52 pm
    Dr. A.A. probably knows what he can and what he lacks and actually wants to undertake concrete measures to "patch" his "loopholes"! Unfortunately people like ...come out to pressure him to discard his plans! These are the same people who would "blast" him with all sorts of stories and accusation should things go "bad" in Brazil! Such comments from the "technical Director" is uncalled for!Please leave the coach to do his work in peace!!! What he needs is support and encouragement to do his work as he pleases and feels would move him forwards! The journalists should also stop putting statements into the coach's mouth. Such statements like "from very reliable sources", "yours truely" etc should cease with immediate effect! "They say", "they say" and the unnecessary rumours and propoganda should stop! The man Dr. James Akwesi Appiah is carrying a very heavy, heavy load , people should stop putting more load his head, otherwise he would break down before even the first whistle is blown in Berlin! Give him a break for him to succeed big time!!!
  • Benny says:
    April 24, 2014 01:04 pm
    Noni,this is GHANA SOCCER NETWORK (GSN) and not GANGSTER SOCIETY OF NIGERIA(GSN), which is run by your prostitute mother and your armed robbery father who started boko haram. You cannot hack into anybody's computer to steal any password.**** off because nobody wants you here.A fifty year old who behaves like a toddler.The last time l checked,the police were looking to arrest your father for raping his grandchild and you for raping your mother.Bastard......
  • Benny says:
    April 24, 2014 02:04 pm
    ''AA will break down before the first whistle is blown in BERLIN'' When was the World Cup venue changed from Brazil to This got to be breaking news............
  • delo says:
    April 24, 2014 02:42 pm
    oti shuld stop de talke nd give proper technical direction to aa on even de type of players we take to brazil al dis benchwarmers he is planin to take to brazil wil bring us home after de firstround
  • Ghanaman says:
    April 24, 2014 03:54 pm
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  • Benny says:
    April 24, 2014 04:46 pm
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