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2014 World Cup: Ghana thrilling draw with Germany proves anything is possible at Brazil 2014

Published on: 22 June 2014
Fatau Dauda

Uruguay found out. So did Italy. Now it’s Germany’s turn.

A succession of other strong teams almost found out, including Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands.

They found out -- some in the cruelest way possible -- that there are no longer any certain wins in World Cup play. In fact, there are few easy wins.

Germany, a World Cup favourite, survived a battle royale Saturday against Ghana, emerging 2-2 in a game that probably produced the tournament’s best half of soccer to date.

It was not the type of game anyone expected.

Ghana lost their first game to the United States while Germany demolished Portugal.

What was expected was a German victory that would give them control of the group. As has happened so often in this World Cup, the expected never occurred.

Costa Rica stunned both Uruguay and Italy. Mexico gave Brazil a wicked battle. The Netherlands had their hands full with Australia.

Also on Saturday, it was only a magic moment from Lionel Messi in the 91st minute against Iran that prevented Argentina from embarrassment.

Some of those underdog teams are better than others, but it doesn’t matter -- the results were surprising.

Ghana-Germany offered up more of the same.

The first half was pedestrian.

The second half exploded like an M-80 firecracker. It didn’t stop with one explosion. It was run for cover time as the Black Stars and Die Mannschaft took turns torching each other to the delight of anyone watching.

Germany took the lead with Mario Gotze. Andre Ayew came right back for Ghana before Asamoah Gyan gave the Black Stars the lead.

Minutes after coming onto the pitch, Miroslav Klose knotted it for Germany. The goal tied him with Brazil’s Ronaldo for the most goals in World Cup history.

There were no more goals but more than enough thrilling moments to make the fillings in your teeth shiver.

The tournament is approaching its midway point and the quality of soccer thus far has not quenched anyone’s thirst for world class soccer. Instead, it has created an unquenchable thirst to see more of this spectacle.

The idea that nations such as Iran, Costa Rica and even Ghana can demand the very best of historically dominant teams and emerge with more than just their pride, is riveting stuff.

Iran and Argentina played earlier on Saturday and, while the Albiceleste were not on form, that was almost secondary to the drama of a true soccer minnow standing up to a true soccer power.

Iran deserved a point. There was a certain disappointment among neutrals when Messi ended the contest in added-on time.

The only redeeming factor to the undeserved end was the quality of Messi’s goal. It spoke more to Messi’s true greatness rather than any weakness on the part of Iranians.

The goal supplemented the enchantment of a game.

Here was an Iranian team made up of players who are virtually unknown to most soccer people, only being beaten by a goal conjured up by a soccer shaman.

Ghana was able to come back from a late calamity against the United States in its opening game, enriching yet another World Cup.

In 2010, the Black Stars hearts were broken by the ultimate theft.

With a chance to make it to the semifinals in South Africa -- the furthest an African nation would have advanced -- Uruguay’s Luis Suarez deliberately handled the ball to prevent it from going into the net. The subsequent dramatics included a missed penalty and a loss on kicks from the penalty spot.

After Ghana gave up a winner in the 86th minute to the Americans, it wouldn’t have been surprising if they simply felt the fates were against them.

When Ghana went down early in the second half to the Germans on Saturday, the odds of finding the reserves needed were indeed long.

But this is Brazil 2014, where anything is possible.

Ghana was just the latest team to prove that.

It won’t be the last team to do so.


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  • Viper says:
    June 22, 2014 12:08 pm
    Yes,Ghana did well, but I don't think the team is ripped yet to win the world cup that is,we can even be better at the next world cup.We should keep the coach,whatever happens,happens,if we qualify so be it,if we don't,so be it. 1.We need great midfield enforcers,who can keep and pass the ball well. 2.We need a playmaker(Aboagye)who will greatly enhance the fluidity in our game from defence to attack.The current team lacks a playmaker. 3.We have to breeze ourselves and prepare our young strikers(RBY,Assifuah,Waris,Jordan) for the next world. 4.Fortify our defence. And we are good to go for the next world cup,will not be too disappointed should we fail to qualify,we have a good young team that can even be better for 2018. Kudos to the coach,the defence,they were magnificent.
  • selfmade says:
    June 22, 2014 12:09 pm
    Why didn't the KID RELEASED THE BALL TO GYAN! I have had nightmares about it the whole damn night! We could have won this game from there and it could have been a thrashing against the germans because we wld have destroyed their confidence! Why didn't he released the ball omg! That was our best possible chance to throw the group wide open!
  • OGYA says:
    June 22, 2014 12:22 pm
    The case against Jonathan Mensah. I do not know whether it is his inexperience or what. He is the reason why Ghana is at this miserable situation in our world cup life First he was the reason why USA got the last minute corner kick to win the game against us. Instead of calmly allowing a ball to safely go out of bounds, he rushed and in the end had his legs touch the ball to give a crucial corner kick to USA Secondly, he was also the reason why Germany equalized the game against us. He stood by and allow Klose to get behind him to score. Akwesi Appiah if you really want to be considered as a good coach, there are a couple of things you need to change about you. STOP BEING VINDICTIVE. You will also need to remove FAVORITISM from your camp, surround this defense with players who are capable of playing it no matter what their age is. There was no reason to drop John Mensah and Vorsa. These two players could have easily been fit for the World cup and given you the success you have been craving for on the international seen were it not for your dumb ideas and favoritism to drop them. They could have bailed you out and prevented those two crucial goals we gave up during both the USA and Germany games. I am sure you have learned your lesson, but you will have to suffer the consequences for the rest of your life. Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.
  • piwi says:
    June 22, 2014 12:25 pm
    Black stars will lose heavily against Portugal.Nigeria Ghana and Algria are coming home.Mark my words.
  • Bishop says:
    June 22, 2014 12:34 pm
    Viper i agree with u.@ piwi shut up
  • OGYA says:
    June 22, 2014 12:48 pm
    This Jordan Ayew is not a Black Stars material. Everyone is propping him up. A useless striker who is in the Black Stars because of his dad. Once again Akwesi Appiah's favoritism is showing why we are where we are in the world cup. His place and Albert Adomah's could have easily been filled with David Accam or most importantly Isaac Vorsa. If Akwesi Appiah wants to be grouped in the likes of CK Gyamfi and others, he should learn not to call players like Jordan Ayew and Albert Adomah.
  • Carlos Danger says:
    June 22, 2014 12:54 pm
    AA should go. He is set in his own ways and will never change. 3yrs and we have nothing to show for -- defense is bad. I think we can start the new coach (foreign tactical coach) with the afcon 2015. Gyan, muntari, Essien and kpb this will be their last stop. I think the way they played yesterday they can win the next afcon with same adjustments in the defense. The core players that we need to hone are -- Mensah & afful in defense. Kasa, badu, rabui, atsu & dede -- midfield. Strikers -- waris & Jordan. The rest of the players are not black stars material. They need to get some of the u-20 stars -- like Aboagye, assifuah, etc. We also need a new keeper and back up. Not sure if Steve Adams will be the answer. Mensah made mistakes in the US game but he improved. He saved about 2 goals yesterday. He needs help from Boye which was not there. It's not his fault for the klose goal as he plays central defense and should be in the middle to head the ball from the corner. The left back was suppose to be on that side of the goal ..manning that side as afful did on the right. Jordan needs to share the ball and his father needs to talk to him.. If not he should be dropped from the squad.
  • Boardroom says:
    June 22, 2014 02:01 pm
    @ Carlos Danger..Be patient with AA,the team is now plating well . AA you're damn good coach and I believe we will pull through.
  • Carlos Danger says:
    June 22, 2014 02:42 pm
    @ boardroom..we should have been playing well before the World Cup started that is why the friendlies are for and not during the WC game 2. Why put us in this position -- AA did not know his starting 11. The first game was a must win and we should have taken 3pts. Now even if we win the next game ...we have to count on Portugal for help. ... Too late!