2014 World Cup: Ghana's opponents USA touch down in Brazil



USA landed in Sao Paulo on Monday morning on a commercial flight from Miami and arrived at their downtown hotel on a bus with the American flag and the slogan “United by team, driven by passion.” A helicopter hovered overhead.

Four soldiers in fatigues, about two dozen police in riot gear and what appeared to be several plain clothes security stood outside the hotel, which is adjacent to a park on a tree-lined street. The Americans will train at nearby Sao Paulo FC until Friday. They then fly 1,450 miles north to Natal for their opener Monday against Ghana, the team that eliminated them from the last two World Cups.

An initial training session in Brazil was scheduled for late afternoon.

Appearing in their seventh straight World Cup, the Americans also play Portugal and Germany in the group stage.


  1. edem says:

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    If you or anyone you know is still searching for tickets to Ghana matches, i am selling 2 pairs category 1 tickets to all of Ghana’s matches here on ebay below face value. 2 of my friends from USA can no longer attend, so you get it for cheap.
    Alternatively you can email me at swat_team4@hotmail.com, would prefer to sell it to Ghanaian fans.
    I can also help you figure out how to do the world cup 3 matches, accomodations, all transportation,food and booze for less than $2000 USD before your flight into the country. This will be my 3rd world cup.

  2. Kuukuphilly says:

    We’re also coming so prepare the bed if u know what I mean.

  3. Union Leader says:

    So far they’ve been first in everything . First to open training camp, first to play a friendly and first to finish playing their friendlies and have to correct mistakes and evaluate tactics and strategies. And now they are the first to arrive in Brazil ( acclamatization with the hot weather on their mind). And they’ve even scheduled a high profile scrimmage (a practice match btn two teams play behind closed doors) with Belgium a few days before they play us. The USMNT mean business. And if we think this game is going to be a walk in the park, then we’re kidding ourselves.

  4. benito says:

    Union leader,USA is not the first team to reach Brazil but Australia,stop behaving like the Americans who known exaggerations.we beating regardless of whatever.

  5. 21guns says:

    We will beat them no matter what, usa exaggerate in everything.
    They are rather calling for a demolishing.

  6. Union Leader says:

    Point of correction, I meant the first in our group in everything. ‘You’ll beat them no matter what’ … talk is cheap ,isn’t it ?

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