2014 World Cup: Massive boost for Ghana as goalkeeper Kwarasey returns to training

Ghana got massive boost on Thursday night when injured goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey returned to training to boost the Black Stars camp in preparation for the 2014 World Cup this month.

Adam Kwarasey training with the Black Stars on Thursday night

Ghana got massive boost on Thursday night when injured goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey returned to training to boost the Black Stars camp in preparation for the 2014 World Cup this month.

The Norway-based shot stopper returned to training with the team ahead of their final warm-up match before the World Cup with South Korea in Miami.

The Ghana goalkeeper suffered a suspected thigh injury during training on Tuesday as he had to be pulled out early to undergo assessment with the medical staff.

However, he was back in action on Thursday as the Black Stars returned to training after a day-off the previous day.

He is now in contention for place in Monday’s friendly against the Koreans.

Kwarasey’s return cleared any injury concerns for the Black Stars who have been preparing at the Florida International University for the World Cup in Brazil.


  1. keith from germany says:

    Great news.He is definately the number one.

  2. Selfmade says:

    He will concede massive goal against Portugal. Our team is pathetic.

  3. NONI(9JA 1ST SON) says:

    i have no interest on black stars no more…… i don’t fancy any team who uses juju to play football…. KWEKU BOSSAM thanks for the confession…

  4. 21guns says:

    Noni lol, who invented juju na your country.

    If you guys believe in the how can the massacre in your country stop lol

    • Benny says:

      21guns ,the only reason why Noni ,Mumbi etc keeps coming with their folly is because you guys pay attention to their stupidly.
      Noni,Mumbi etc are deluded,insipid ,twisted individuals with low iq ,they derive satisfaction when we(Ghanaians ) react to their folly.All their life ambition is to have an association with a Ghanaian.
      Please l suggest ,nobody take heed to people like Noni who is suffering from schizoid deficiency syndrome .

    • brafii27@ says:

      NONI(Nigerias Only Natural Idiot) i will b glad if u will remain active in kickoff. stupid nigerian and a zambian. nigeria is a disgrace to african football well known for match fixing n u com here to showcase ur level of stupidity. n for u mumbi dier,no need to say more,ur name sounds like “mumu” meaning a fool n theres no doubt that u are a mighty one at that. nigerias only natural idiot(NONI)

  5. kk. says:

    No juju can work against him dis time in Jesus,s name

  6. Benny says:

    If only AA will be honest and play each player by merit and not favouritism,Kwarasey will man the post and he will do well.I always watch Ghanaians game against Brazil in London.It wasn’t a fluke ,it was a talented keeper at work.Yakubu have tried everything to discredit Kwarsey but he was God has blessed,is blessed indeed.
    Dauda will be probably be singing hallelujah chorus when Kwarasey got injured.Sorry Dauda,your lot is bench warming.

  7. Mumbi says:

    @ Noni, Ghana is a disgrace to Africa. Even Cloud Re Loy exposed them of there juju practice after being kicked out in 2012 afcon semi-final. Wizards!!!

  8. NONI(9JA 1ST SON) says:

    MUMBI lolzzzzzzz… remember GHANA VS ZAMBIA game at KUMASI?????? before that game, BOSSAM sprayed a white substance on the field thereby turning KENEDDY MWEENE to mumu(moron)…. look at GHANA vs EGYPT game! the EGYPT i know will never lose to any nation by 6 goals margin not even against BRAZIL. But ghana did it via KWEKU BOSSAM & RIVER ANTOA….. Juju nation…….

  9. mark says:

    Who says man not they is c7 .a god of football

  10. Mumbi says:

    Ghana & your Bossam witch, please release Ronaldo from your spells. We want to watch best players in this world. I heard you have already sent Bossam to Brazil to cast charm around the stadiams u’re using. What u’re doing is total rubbish.

  11. popo says:

    @Selfmade u know this is the best assembled team in all the 3 world cups…Even when we had Mediocre players like Razak Pimpong,Alex techie- menson,the Addoquaye pappoes etc..We made it to the second round only poor officiating caused our downfall. We had a slightly better team in 2008..with only Prince Tagoe being the weakest link.
    We made it to the 1/8….This team is very talented….Inkoom is rediscovering his form,Opare is a very good player,Boye on a good day is very good,Mensa holds a lot of promise…and we all know wat Dede,Muntari,Essien,KASA,Gyan,KPB and the emerging ones like Atsu,Badu,Wariss and Acquah can do….Kwarasey now is better than Olele .
    I know u pissed cuz of Bonsam but honestly Portugal cant score us….
    Noni as Nigeria to support so we don’t need his interest…..

  12. popo says:

    Guys…I think Mumbi is a secret admirer of Black Stars cuz if he would comment on every piece of news abt our team than ardent Ghanaian fan…..readers shouldn’t take him serious

  13. Selfmade says:

    @ Popo, our team is average. But I hope our chief priest BOSSAM will do more work to fearful player, not jus t to Ronaldo.

  14. papa nkrumah says:

    I don’t believe it’s the real selfmade. Lol. Welcome back Kwarasey. I hope the coach this time fields our main team to allow for consistency and fluidity. Our play against the Dutch was too disjointed. Not even close to the way we played against the Dutch when we lost 4:1

  15. awass says:

    I no u wil definately comment.keith wil b happy by now

  16. 21guns says:

    Some one have forge selfmade’s name
    I will not be surprised if it the fraudsters it their way of living

  17. Rostow says:

    We thank God for his return. Obviously Adam kwaresay will be our number one. He his very talented lets. Give him the need encouragement.

  18. Magreb says:

    Ghana should play their home matches in CIV, no more Kumasi.

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