AC Milan celebrates Kevin-Prince Boateng's birthday

Kevin-Prince Boateng

AC Milan celebrated Kevin Prince Boateng’s 26th birthday on Tuesday hoping he would build on his newly found form.

Boateng is now finding the sort of form that characterized his forays last season.

He scored scored last week against Lazio so he will be heading to Genoa full of confidence on Friday.

Also, he was on target in their 2-0 win over giants Barcelona in the UEFA Champion League.

A story on the club’s official website read: “Kevin Prince Boateng celebrates his 26th birthday and has become an important member of the side since his arrival in the summer of 2010

“Happy Birthday, Prince!”


  1. Samedge says:

    26 years, you are matured enough so please make a matured decision by rescinding the childish decision you made last 2 years. Blackstars needs you.

  2. Joe says:

    Ghana wish you happy birthdy nd many great adventurous nd achievements ahead of u.Ghana is a beacon of Africas democracy nd u ar entitle to ur own opinion as a right that everyone should observe nd respect as the constitutn demands of all.”BUT” let those decisions help progress our cours as a country.I’m expctng the dy u r going to surpris the wrld nd Ghana 4 a come back bro,we will al appreciate.joe wish u happy birthdy.

  3. tom says:

    happy b day prince Ghanaians got love for you!!!
    forget the stuppid haters preaching divisiveness
    hope you will come back one day for the good of the team god bless

  4. Launce says:

    @kpb,u ga slf! Lovin! ONE LV! GOD’S GUIDE!

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