Andre Ayew: Marseille boosted by late Inter win

Andre Ayew beats his chest after getting winner against Inter

Ghana winger Andre Ayew believes his stoppage time winner against Inter Milan in the Uefa Champions League has re-ignited Olympique Marseille fans.

The 22-year-old beat the Inter defence to glance home at the death just when it seemed the game was heading for a draw to underscore his importance to the Marseille team.

Marseille go into the second leg with a slender 1-0 lead and Andre believes his goal has brought a new sense of believe among the Stade Velodrome faithful.

“The win feels good and we will not let go. The fans are happy and we will do everything to please them in all competitions,” Andre told the club’s website.

“This is a good result at home. We were able to stay focused and win the game.”

Andre has taken his Champions League tally to three after netting a brace against German champions Borussia Dortmund in December.


  1. atiao says:

    he has now scored four goals in the champions league and not three. ebei ghanasoccernet, when will u people get it right? please correct the mistake to avoid any embarassment!

  2. Kwaku says:

    What an unrelenting player. For my life, I just cnt undstnd why anybody in his right senses will spew hate speeches on this gem and his illustrious family, unless such a person has left his brains in his school bag. My!

  3. Chu says:

    it all started in 1899 where Yaa Asantewaa wanted to rule Ghana.The Brits saw this as selfishness and got rid of her yet still she was proclaimed a hero. In 1957-1962, they conspired against Nkrumah.In the 1990?s they conspired agaisnt Abedi Pele and now his son.But currently we have a new civilised generation where junior national team captain OSEI freely relinquished his title to the born captain that lifted us to new heights.They still dislike the fact that he is the first african to touch an u-20 trophy.-WHO AM I

  4. Joseph says:

    Eventhough he is half Ghanaian-half Lebanese, Andre Ayew embodies our greatest player right now. And he’s just so young!! Can’t imagine him in 2014! He will singlehandedly drag Ghana beyond the semi-finals of the World Cup!

  5. ras nick says:

    i watch the match wit a big smile on my fucking black face,the skills,the never say die attitude of dis gem remind me of his dad.soo proud of him.

  6. gentle john says:

    I was so much suprise about the way Andre Ayew played in the last 10 minutes of the game,he played like a wounded lion and want to score and all cost so i was not suprise when he got that last munite goal.

  7. No body says:

    @ jimmy. If u dnt knw messi is de captain of his country. Pls check ur facts

  8. Ghanaian says:

    Go Dede the UAE sheik who does not know what champions League is cannot compare himself to you.No room for haters

  9. Ghanaian says:

    Go Dede the UAE sheik who does not know what champions League is cannot compare himself to you.No room for haters!

  10. Nana adjoa says:

    Dede is not arrogant, if u dont lik him 4 personal reasons fine but dont say he is proud. U shd appreciat this gem.

  11. words says:

    I think he should not fight for captaincy in the team.
    He will definitely be captain so he should relax.

  12. OH BOY says:

    I personally think being a gem in a team must not make u a captian. How ever i have made some observation about this Dede guy and realised when he captains a team he has some kind of power and inspiration and urging his team mates not to loose hope and encouraging them as well on the field.This i think is a sign of good leadership.May he rise high and make Ghana proud.

  13. Frank says:

    gahanasoccernet and mistakes.

  14. Nanaba says:

    @Frank, ghanasoccernt and your mother

  15. benito says:

    I’m amazed at how pple just accuse others of being arrogant or divisive without actually saying what those pple have done.

  16. Chu says:

    Ha jimmy,leadership is realised not gained. u can neva compare messi’s mentality as a captain 2 dede.

  17. mukmin says:

    Dede is a born leader there are a lot of talented players who don’t have leadership qualities but Dede has both both talent and leadership and a strong will to win. His mentality, talent and desire to win is similar to Kobe Bryant to use a basketball analogy.

  18. Fu-Chu says:

    Your analogy is right. He is a leader like Kobe. He is the cornerstone of the Black Stars and he is young and his age is “real”

  19. yankeemaan says:

    the personality attack wont help anybody,if the guy is gud say it Dede epitomise all qualities of a gem in the making and stop equating him to his fathers past,how many past footballers kids are playing respect this noble family.

  20. gibs says:

    why do people always hate dede? the more u hate him the greatest he b’come, u the haters what’ve u done for mother ghana? plse.

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