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ARMOURED: Zambia set to face the wrath of devoted STAR soldiers

Published on: 05 September 2013
Battle ready stars armed for Zambia. Photograph:

Zambia's Chipolopolos have caused the irk of Ghana's football militia men and squadron leader Asamoah Gyan is set to order his men to condemn them to the firing squad. 

Ghana's arsenals are of modern standards - el apaches, chemical ammunition and men of valour gingered to employ brute force to hunt down the snipers from South Africa who have come with 'Copper Bullets'.

The Friday opposition, feel winning the psychological battle before the battle men toss unto the battlefield is even more crucial and have been making noise from their regional COSAFA Cup games with fans waving the war flags.

During the 2012 AFCON, where Ghana suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Chipolopolos, their Warrant officer class, made a gesture that suggested Ghana had been killed on the battlefield after an Emmanuel Mayuka lone strike.

But Ghana's men are fired up with Andre Ayew who missed the first-leg with a shoulder injury believes Zambians are talking too much and would be shut down: “It is a game we have to win for the nation because the Zambians are talking too much and they must be shut down."


Ghana's last victory Zambia came in Senegal 1992 but hammered them 4-1 in an international friendly in London in 2009.

Zambia have scored thirteen times against Ghana since 1964 while the Black Stars have managed twelve goals.

Out of ten clashes between the two, both sides have managed five wins each.

Zambia's last visit to Ghanaian soil brought a 2-1 reverse at the Group Stages at the Accra Sports Stadium in the 1978 AFCON.


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  • African Consciousness says:
    September 06, 2013 04:06 am
    Freedom of speech or lack of self respect? Love thy neighbor or self hate. It is embarrassing Africans using racial abuse on Africans. How do you feel when the Europeans abuse African soccer stars in France, Spain, Russia? Do you cheer them on because you feel you are a better Black? Take a few moments to think on these things. We are all Africans trying to qualify for a soccer game. If Ghana wins and goes all the way we will be happy and cheer for them in Brazil. If Ghana fails to win and Zambia wins and goes all the way guess what? We will be broken hearted but we will cheer for them because they are our African team, one of the 5 representing the African continent. So why are Africans insulting and abusing each other so viciously on this site. This kind of sickness is what leads to Africans killing each other within their borders, I hope we never get to the point when the poison of hate and intolerance spills over and Africans start killing each other across borders. It is sad indeed to read some of the things people say to each other here. What happened to the African spirit? Do not kill the African spirit. Love is greater that hate. Ghana is better than Zambia. FIFA says so. Ghana rank 24, Zambia rank 60 but it has to be proven on the field. Tomorrow will tell who is the better team.
  • GHANAN APES says:
    September 06, 2013 06:17 am