Asamoah Gyan breaks Egypt hearts to banish World Cup demons

Asamoah Gyan in action for Ghana against Egypt.

Asamoah Gyan in action for Ghana against Egypt.

Asamoah Gyan put up a captain’s performance by bagging a brace in Ghana’s 6-1 first leg World Cup play-off encounter with Egypt on Tuesday.

An own goal from Wael Gomaa, a Majeed Waris header, a Sulley Muntari penalty and a late strike by Christian Atsu made it six for Ghana, while Mohamed Abou-Treika tucked in from the penalty spot for Egypt.

Barring a miracle from Egypt in the second-leg, it is safe to assume Ghana can book their flights to Brazil, and with the Black Stars all but assured of their place, it should help banish Gyan’s World Cup 2010 demons.

The striker was one of the stars in South Africa, and with Ghana the last remaining African nation in the tournament at the quarter-final stage, had the support of an entire continent in their quest for glory.

Seconds of extra-time remained in their last-eight encounter with Uruguay when striker Luis Suarez deliberately handled the ball on the line to save a certain goal.

The Liverpool forward saw red and Ghana were awarded the spot-kick – all Gyan had to do was convert and the Black Stars would have been the first African nation into a World Cup semi-final.

But as the saying goes, football can be a cruel game. Gyan’s effort skimmed the crossbar and Uruguay went on to win the penalty shootout and break millions of African hearts.

Even two years later, Gyan admitted he “never fully recovered” from that infamous miss and it was a key reason behind his initial retirement from international football in 2012.

After a year at Sunderland following the 2010 World Cup, Gyan made his way over to the UAE and has been a revelation for Al Ain; becoming the league’s stand-out striker and playing a vital role in his side’s back-to-back Pro League titles, including a league record 31 goals last season.

The 27-year-old has started the new campaign in similarly fine fettle, helping himself to four goals from the opening three fixtures.

While Gyan’s 2010 anguish may never fully be forgotten, he is certainly doing all he can to ensure he and his nation have a lot to get excited about ahead of next summer.

Egypt “depressed”

It may be a time for celebration in West Africa, but to the north, fans have been left “depressed” after watching Egypt’s fairytale come to a crushing end.

Mathematically, with a second leg still to play at home next month, Egypt could yet make it to the finals in Brazil next year.

But fans of The Pharoahs are realistic enough to realise that overturning a 6-1 deficit is nigh-on impossible.

“The World Cup dream is over. What a nightmare,” said Ali Hassan, 18.

“We needed this victory to raise our morale, something that can unite us and help overcome our religious and political disputes,” said Ahmed Badr, a 20-year-old university student.

The fact that this result occured on the first day of Eid made it all the more difficult to bare.

“It’s so hard to take this defeat during the holiday,” said Mahmoud Shawki, breaking into tears as he watched Egypt’s capitulation in Accra.

It’s a feeling Gyan knows only too well, but one that he is now a step closer to banishing to the dustbin of history.


  1. askantwi says:

    World cup demons? It hasn’t come to that yet. LUIS SUAREZ and URUGUAY WILL PAY, the painful way as Ghana finally lifts up the World Cup trophy from South America back to AFRICA.

  2. Blakroze GH says:

    MR. GOMAA, DO U REMEMBER THIS?…….Egypt captain Wael Gomaa hopes the Pharaohs will
    draw Ghana in the in the World Cup qualifying playoff
    Gomaa believes being paired with Ghana will keep the
    players on their toes and prepare adequately well for
    the decider.
    “I would prefer to face Ghana or Nigeria instead of
    Cape Verde,” Gomaa told a radio station in Egypt.
    “It’s because our players would be taking the game
    seriously against Nigeria or Ghana, but against Cape
    Verde, it won’t be the same.
    “Another reason is that we have already been successful
    against Nigeria and Ghana as we have experienced
    playing them before in the African Cup of Nations unlike
    Cape Verde.”…..NEVER COUNT YOUR…..

    • spellBOUND says:

      Hahaha, blakroze, i dont think gomaa will come to gsn to read this. but it never hurts to remind the opposition what they said before the game though.

      Anyone still holding out hope for egypt should seize such thought. the return leg will be pointless especially with the injured defenders to return. as for kpb, it looks like monkey dey work for baboon to chop after all. i’m still a fan of him though i was disappointed with this latest injury. UP GHANA!

  3. Blakroze GH says:

    And after he said that, he opened the flood gates of hell against Ghana and the fools below decided to contribute….”9ja man:
    September 9th, 2013 at 9:59 pm
    Ghanaians all the way….. If we(the super ego’s) are
    not capable of beating them, then who will?
    ……….”…..FOOL!!! NA YOUR OGA Ghana GO DO AM…….mcheew…………”Collynzo:
    September 17th, 2013 at 7:53 am
    Egypt is hungry! They haven’t been to the world cup
    for too long and they are angry about it, nothing can
    stop them this time around. That’s why they won all 6
    of their matches home and away in the last round.
    Nothing can stop Egypt!!..”…IDIOT!!!GHANA HAS STOPPED YOUR SENIOR EGYPT!!!……more to come…

  4. BoardRoom says:

    Where are our pets(animals from nigeria& zambia). Pet1=noni,pet2=collynzo,pet3=futr,pet4=onthree,pet5=mumbi

  5. samash says:

    all those aliens ave ran away oo! am just wondering what wud ave on GSN if we had lost!

  6. Blakroze GH says:

    omo eko:
    September 17th, 2013 at 9:23 am
    Unfortunately for Ghana, these are five players the
    Egyptians should be happy to see in Ghana squad. They
    are tired legs. Did I see michael essien on that list?
    choi, inviting these players is just like Nigeria inviting
    players like Yakubu, Osaze Odewingie, Taye Taiwo
    and Joseph Yobo. They obviously play for big clubs,
    but are unworthy of a place in the Nigerian National
    I see egypt winning the game though. Ghana needs
    moses or elijah-like miracle to overcome …”…..OMO KWASIA!!!!I GUESS WE HAD THE MOSES or ELIJAH-LIKE MIRACLE HUH? Olodo………OOH AND YES, LESS I FORGET….”NONI(9JA 1ST SON):
    September 26th, 2013 at 12:48 pm
    Viper shut that toilet mouth of yours. Cow.Make God
    punish me if GHANA qualify for world cup.
    ……YES HE GO PUNISH YOU WELLWELL…AMEN!!!……….”Solid snake:
    October 10th, 2013 at 7:33 pm
    Go ahead with your usaul bragging. At the end of it all.
    Yo players wil eat egyptian players’s dust. Like the

    • spellBOUND says:

      hahahaha, man u r killing these fools. nicely done. aaaaah, some of the comments they posted before the match were just disturbing. how can u have such jealousy and hate for your fellow african like that????

      blakroze, give it to them. they deserve every insult u give them.

  7. church boi says:

    Blakroze GH: hehehe…. gud work.
    God will surely punish dat 9ja boy.
    i feel he has a boring life.
    GH 4 life, We beating Egypt by de same goal margin in de 2nd leg .

  8. kuukuphilly says:

    hahaaaaaaa..wuts up selfmade!

  9. proud to be a ghanian says:

    @blakcloz Gh.u have really done well by putting their record down..u trust ur country truly ghanian…

  10. arise says:

    Ghana 6 – 1 Egypt
    Exodus 6 : 1
    Then the Lord said to Moses,
    you will see what I will do to
    (Egypt): Because of my
    mighty hand
    he will let them ( Ghana) go”;
    to the
    promise land (Brazil)

  11. wee ba says:


  12. Speed says:

    @Blakrose, Man you cracked me up this morning. I can’t stop laughing =D

  13. Speed says:

    Where is Kaylee my good friend?
    It pays to Love your neighbour you know..
    Let’s throw a NEW Challenge. The 5 teams that Qualifies to the world Cup from Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast n Nigeria looks the brightest. Let’s see which country amongst these 3 will Light up Africa with the Biggest Smile.
    I pick Ghana to go past Quarter Final.
    Let’s hear the rest of Africa Speak.

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