VIDEO: Asamoah Gyan's brace sends Al Ain into Asian Champions League quarter-final

Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan grabbed a brace as his UAE side Al Ain rallied to beat neighbours Al Jazira 2-1 at home to cruise to the quarter-final of the Asian Champions League.

The score line which is repeat of the first leg clash gave Al Ain a 4-2 aggregate win with Gyan scoring in both ties.

Jazira shocked the hosts and took the lead when left-back Abdulla Mousa’s deflected cross spun kindly to Ali Mabkhout to put them ahead after 17 minutes.

After the break, Al Ain came back into the picture and piled pressure on Al Jazira.

Gyan place home from inside the penalty box after being played in by the influential Mohamed Abdulrahman to level the scores on 61 minutes.

An unlikely comeback was made close to impossible when Gyan replicated the same technique to effortlessly slot in, following a selfless pass from Diaky.

Gyan leads the scorers chart with ten goals in eight matches.

Watch Asamoah Gyan’s two goals for Al Ain in their 2-1 over Al Jazira in the Asian Champions League:



  1. OHENENANA says:

    He has now scored 10 goals in one season if he scores 4 more he will break the all time record in asia

  2. banger says:

    Wow wow Brazil here we let’s see if any team can stand ghana

  3. paradox says:

    Am back.the last time I was here, a great war between Zambian and Ghanaian bloggers took place during the WorldCup qualifiers. This place is now peacefull.

  4. mysticvintage says:

    Gyan is putting himself up for Brasil…like that……! go gyan…..go ghana …go black stars

  5. Sammy k says:

    More vim Asamoah…..we pray u extend ur superb form to de mundial……oseeeeeey Ghana

  6. Cofie says:

    I hope and pray this his scoring form is of World Cup quality ooo. Yo ooo

  7. aconagua says:

    I like the second goal, it was precisely placed. That one may beat any other goalkeeper

  8. dadaba says:

    Come on, this is just too easy…

  9. dadaba says:

    As much as i respect Gyan, i believe he needs to prove his mettle in Europe. Assuming he was playing against Pepe of Portugal…not sure he would have had a sniff of the balls, let alone side foot the keeper.

    • texas says:

      Why do some of you guys keep saying this shit? Gyan has got nothing to prove to nobody! When he dismantled the England defense and scored against Joe Hart, where was he playing then? During to African World Cup qualifier last year was Gyan not the highest scorer? He has played at the highest level in Italy, France, and England where he did not disappoint. He made history in two previous world cups. What the fuck does Gyan has to prove to you dadaba or anyone? If you got nothing to do with your life, please let Gyan be! Enough of this bullshit.

  10. phildemix says:

    Thank you Texas.. for putting all the facts down. I c a better gyan than ever.. So let us support him. Gyan Has seen it all from Africa to Europe then through Asia. Leave him be. if you cant support our Captain shut up and watch perform maybe you will learn something from it. Thanks again Texas for setting the records straight.

  11. Ativor Epiphany says:

    Gyan, am looking forward in seeing
    u break Roger Miller”s WC record.

  12. Kwaku says:

    Gyan we dey your back. Come and show those Germans and Portuguese and Americans what you did to the Czech republic. Keep doing what you are doing and just be fit for us.

  13. Nana B. says:

    If i were Gyan i would go play in south america after the world cup and spoil there too, We destroyed Africa, terrorized Europe, tearing apart asia…seihor seihor wo be pa bgeee… Number 3 jersey… Baby Jettttttttttt spoiling everywhere.

  14. Joe L says:

    I just ordered my baby jet jersey. Who would’ve thought you’ll make me a believer. #respect

  15. harry says:

    No matter what u guys will say I wish he was playing a tougher league than this joke of a league.The goals come too easy.

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