Balotelli offers his girlfirend to Real Madrid players for sex if they overturn 4-1 Dortmund deficit

Mario Balotelli with his girlfriend Fanny Neguesha

Mario Balotelli with his girlfriend Fanny Neguesha

By Ameenu Shardow

Mario Balotelli has offered his girlfriend to be slept with by the Real Madrid players if they are able to overturn the 4-1 deficit against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

The AC Milan striker of Ghanaian origin is daring the Spanish champions with his beautiful girlfriend; Fanny Neguesha.

Real Madrid have a daunting task against dethroned German champions at the Santiago Bernabeu on Tuesday.

Four goals by Pole Robert Lewandowski put Jurgen Klopp’s side in a very commanding lead of the semi final tie last week in Dortmund – making the task for Los Blancos appear impossible.

But the Real Madrid players and manager Jose Mourinho remain positive of their chances despite the uphill task presented.

Mario Balotelli has now upped the ante by offering his girlfriend to the Real Madrid players including Michael Essien for marathon sex if they are able to make May’s final in Wembley at the expense of the marauding Dortmund.

Balotelli said: “If Real Madrid come back against Borussia Dortmund and make it to the final of the Champions League, I will let my girlfriend sleep with all the players.”

The Italian striker’s statement may go a long way to motivate the Real Madrid players who are known to be extremely strong in bed.

Bernabeu stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Sami Khedira, Michael Essien amongst others will have no problems at all teaching Balotelli a rude lesson with his girlfriend at the receiving end but must first achieve the impossible against Dortmund on Tuesday.


  1. Abis Kola says:

    Akoa wei paa….ne ho y3 anika oo….ahahhaah sleepin wid 11 playez paa? 3ne3 obewu oo

  2. Samedge says:

    @Abis Kola, the players may be more than 11 bcos dere will be substitutions which qualify any player substituted to fuck. Her vagina will split into pieces,should Madrid overturn the 4-1 deficit.

  3. @Abis Kola..ka na kabiem.w’ab)dam paa..Madrid players no b3ma no esua ade3 paa..Kwasia tse s3 Balloteli

  4. Chu says:

    I know madrid players respect thmslvs and would reject the stupid offer. what an atrocious infidel

  5. Chu says:

    in case balloteli dnt know, de chick wld b hapier havin fresh boys özil,controe,ronaldo etc compared to an animal lyk im

  6. kwesi says:

    GSN…what do you mean by yet to be crowned German champions?

    • kwame-blz says:

      my brada, I was about to ask the same question, which tells you a lot about the credibility of this article. The bundesliga already have somebody crown as a champ, and since GSN is slow to realize it, they did not do their search.

  7. Didier says:

    craziest dude that hails from Konongo. even hajia kande’s muntari couldn’t be this crazy though he is a true Konongo chap

  8. black gold says:

    GAY NATION Product, so disrespectful.

  9. The Great says:

    There is that ka Ghanaian inborn. Sons of Zambians living in diaspora have manners.

    • 1 GH. says:

      No Zambian can ever play for AC Milan or any top team in Euruope. The best you can do is a bench role in Southampton. AC Milan plays Juventus and you have four Ghanaians represented. Boateng, Ballotelli, Muntari, and Asamoah. Where else in Africa?

  10. Ghanaman says:

    Filthy Zambia dogs you are nobodies and will always be nobodies you filthy rats!!

  11. Oluwole says:

    It’s a high time to check this guy DNA, to ascertain what is really wrong with him

  12. King says:

    Konongo idiot!which reasonable boy who give out his girlfriend for group sex hahaha

  13. Tony says:

    Borrusia dortmund is 2nd in bundesliga n u said yet-to-be crowned championz.. Nawa.o 4 gayna.. As 4 boloteli,i dnt blame d guy coz datz d true blood of a gaynaian.. I see reason why welbeck dumped d gay nation

  14. toto says:

    Before I comment on this story I will like to know where from dis story?

  15. what´s Up..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Balotelli can say all things, but i dont think he did say this story,GSN where from dis story?

  16. REPY ONE says:

    dis guy is typical animal.they should lock him zoo n see whethere he will turn into human.bull shit!

  17. Baba'n Salmu says:

    Hey why re you all taken this seriously!!! This was a joke comment made by him.. Just to motivate the players and the player wouldn’t dare do that… It was just a joke. JOKING!! JOKING!!! JOKING!!!! Because he got friends there in Madrid and he made that comment just to motivate them. As a matter of fact, If however Madrid over turn the score on Dortmund, Do you think Balotelli will give out his girl friend whom he loved?? He will be capable of holding A.K 47 for anyone who attempt to come near his girl friend.. Its was just joke. To motivate the players and give them some =courage.. They are not even thinking about his girlfriend.. They re focusing on the match and thay also got alot of beautiful girls better than Balotelli’s girl. So think twice… Just laugh and stop raising so tempered comment..I was just laughing at the story. But not insulting or using any tempered comment against him… He was Joking! (For example, Lets say if you won this match i will buy each other an aeroplane, And if you won the match will i? all i could say is Yoo!!! COngratulations you showed some character and determination of winning the match and that is good for you and for the team) Because i just did that to motivate you and support you. That’s all.

  18. steve biko says:

    baloteli is always the man of story ,that means mario is a real fan.

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