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I did not fake tears at World Cup Commission hearing - Ex Sports Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah

Published on: 25 August 2014
Ex Sports Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah shedding tears before the commission

Ex Sports Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has dismissed assertions he faked shedding tears at his appearance at the 2014 World Cup Commission in order to seek empathy.

The seasoned politician sobbed at his second appearance before the commission last week when asked about how he felt when the Black Stars players refused to train in protest of the delayed payment of their appearance fees.

Afriyie Ankrah in his attempt to answer the question broke down in uncontrollable tears as he expressed his devastation during the difficult period which left the chair of the commission Justice Senyo Dzamefe to delay proceedings.

There have since been dominating assertions that the ex Sports Minister’s show of intense emotion was only made up to seek empathy.

But Afriyie Ankrah who has since been moved to the Presidency as a Minister of State has dismissed these claims but says he cannot control the varied reactions of the public.

“You were here and you saw what happened,” he said in response to a question posed by member of the commission Moses Foh-Amoaning at the ongoing sitting on Monday.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought …. [I would cry].

“It wasn’t a difficult question but it triggered the emotions.

“At the end of the day, there are 25 million Ghanaians so…”


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  • Rasheed says:
    August 25, 2014 12:34 pm
    I am sorry we are nor kids,Afriyie Ankrah or whatever you call yourself.Just look at mess you created at the world cup?.Why do you think the president remove you from the sports ministry?.
  • selfmade says:
    August 25, 2014 12:56 pm
    Criminal and corporate SHARE CROPPER! Loot and share specialist! Why is he forcing himself on Ghanaians anyway? Mister, the average suffering Ghanaian doesn't give a damn about your FAKE TEARS because it doesn't put food on the table!! The average Ghanaian who survive on a less than a dollar a day doesn't care a goddamn about your phony tears because it don't pay the bills!! THR average Ghanaian whose children sits under trees and can't assess health care don't give a **** about your tears because they that its coming from a criminal,a thief and a greedy bastard who ll do anything just to keep his job because without dipping his hands in the state coffins, he cannot work to survive!! U are a criminal man and a notorious thief and just as some criminal rogue went to jail for causing financial loss to the state, u one day go to jail too!! Crime does not pay! U took all your world cup monies and per diem aside the money u stole from the state and u turned yourself into a chameleon shedding crocodile tears but karma ll certainly get u! U are a lying wick bastard, a rogue and a pathological thief!
  • selfmade says:
    August 25, 2014 01:07 pm
    Where in this world, can a mere creation of a website cost 22,857.00 cedis? u not even ashamed of yourself to say these lies under an oath!! If u have a WORD PRESS, u can create and decorate your own blogging or website without paying any money!! And am even surprises that the commission didn't asked him that website costs us a lot of money!! How? This man is an ughly lying bastard and he is a serial thief that has used Ghana to enrich himself and his families! Again, u spend I.9 BILLION CEDIS on presidential DINNER!! Billion on just a mere dinner for the president and other guests? Just drinking and eating cost this nation, billions of CEDI's whiles the average Ghanaian sleep on an empty stomach!! U see, sometimes I don't even blame this ughly Ghanaian politicians, but the buffoons that vote them rather! Is only in Ghana, where this ughly bastard with no attractive features can be a minister!! This is a man who MOCKED A NATIONAL DISASTER(MELCOM) at the time people were dying and suffering under a collapsed building but was chosen as a minister and if appointment didn't come from a deranged morons calling themselves leaders, then I wonder what it is!! U ll surely suffer for your criminal deeds and karma ll get u and your family with respect to the melcom disaster too!!! U LL COLLAPSE LIKE THE MELCOM BUILDING TOO JUST AS U PUT IT!!
  • TrueGhanaian says:
    August 25, 2014 02:19 pm
    Ooooh my brother selmade;you really hit the nail;right on target.This so called Afriyie Ankrah is only shedding crocodile tears.this man cannot be trusted;thats why the President removed him.He is indeed a criminal.He went to Brazil just to enjoy himself ;and not for the well being of the black stars.Muntari should have slapped him instead.fucking bastard man.By the way,my bro Selfmade;i really like reading your comments on this site.You really make sense.I live in Canada.R u in England or US?keep on posting good comments;this will probably help our greedy leaders to change for the better of this great nation DR Kwame Nkrumah created and Africa as a whole.God bless;my brother