Essien returns to Real Madrid after allergic treatment at Chelsea

Essien returns to Real Madrid after allergic treatment at Chelsea

Michael Essien returns to Real Madrid on Saturday

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has confirmed Michael Essien’s return to the club after seeking treatment at Chelsea.

The Ghana international has been out for past three weeks after an allergic reaction to a drug given him by the Spanish champions.

The Spanish press have however reported they doubt the explanation given by Real Madrid for Essien’s absence – believing there is more to it than a ‘mere’ drug reaction.

Mourinho in revealing the 29-year-old’s return after seeking medical care at Chelsea in the past week lashed at the critics who have been speculating otherwise on Essien’s fitness issue.

“We say that Essien had some sort of allergy and Chelsea was interested in how he was doing and you say that is a lie,” Mourinho said at Friday’s press briefing.

“His club is Chelsea and has the right to check the status of their player and take treatment.

“He’ll return to Madrid tomorrow (Saturday) and will train on Monday.”

Essien joined Real at the beginning of the campaign on a season’s-long loan deal.

He was on his way to rediscovering his form that earned him his current status as one of the finest midfielders in the world until his progress was halted by his recent fitness problems.


  1. nash says:

    Good news.wish you speedy recovery.

  2. zambia is our toilet hole says:

    Essien,go with God.

    • albaashar@T- Town says:

      infact for God seek change this name gentleman. you do this and infuriate dis Zambia’s. infact dear our zambian brothers do not react to our brothers name he will change it soon. sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  3. Dr Who says:


  4. Papadinho says:

    God is in control!
    God bless

  5. Blow says:

    Egoistic Spanish players at Real Madrid wants Mourinho out.Go big, Essien and Mourinho alliance.

  6. Carl Lewis says:

    You need to pray hard.

  7. Obed says:

    Speedy recovery my man

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