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Ex-Ghana star Odartey Lamptey thinks Black Stars contract is risky

Published on: 11 July 2014
Black Stars players must not sign contracts says Odartey Lamptey

Ex-Ghana Black Stars midfielder Nii Odartey Lamptey thinks the Ghana Football Association (GFA) proposal of trapping invited national players with contracts before they represent the country in every tournament will be dangerous if it is implemented any time soon.

The experienced midfielder made a quick reaction on Asempa Sports after the President of the Ghana FA, Kwesi Nyantakyi announced at a press conference after the national team poor outing in Brazil.

According to Nyantakyi the teams’ players will be made to sign contracts in the near future when they gain call-ups to the team in other to rectify certain problems the Ghana FA encountered ahead of the Mundial in Brazil over payments of appearance.

These contracts will deal with areas such as bonuses, appearance fees and general conduct on national team duty.

In Brazil the entire Black Stars players boycotted some training sessions ahead of their last group G match against Portugal because the government and the GFA had failed to pay them their $100,000 appearance fees before the start of the World Cup.

But 1991 FIFA U-17 best player believes the contract will rather drive the players away from playing for mother Ghana. “My view is that players signing contract will create a lot of problem because the players may opt out if the winning bonuses at the national level cannot be compare to that of club side.

“Am not defending the players but I believe it will drive the players away from committing themselves for the nation because a player may earned about $50,000 a week at a club level and will not get even 10 percent of that when playing for the national team and this will surely push the players away.

“Although the Black Stars performance was abysmal comparing to the previous editions in Germany and South Africa but I believe the GFA should have a way of solving this issue because if they refuse, this may end Ghana’s qualification to subsequent FIFA World Cup,” he added.


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  • Boro says:
    July 12, 2014 12:36 am
    This is the GFA's way of dealing with the problem so if you have bettter alternative bring it?. It is better to get a team of committed players to play for the BS than having players who greed for money. Playing for the nation should not be because of the money but for the pride. The players have brought this to themselves. There is an akan saying ' if someone mistakenly kill, you don't also mistakenly proceed with the butchery' . The nation has never owned these crop of players in anything being it appearance fee or bonuses. If for nothing at all they should have considerd their fans. Players kissing money and going ahead to score own goal testify to the fact how they allowed the fee ruin our chances and causing the heart break of all who supported them. Sometimes we are always quick to criticise just for the sake of it without offering solutions.
  • PAUL MENSAH says:
    July 11, 2014 07:14 pm
    This argument by old foe odartey is not the step in the right direct. we had previously relied on the fact that our players are professionals and will act accordingly. However they took this mutual respect as our weakness and acted the way they did during the world cup. The fact that they are football does not mean they are special.. Every profession across the world are guided by rules and regulations. Playing for ones country should first of all be based on patriotism and not be based on how much you are paid by you club. First, there is no way we can replicate such payment by their club. this does not mean they such behave in any manner the want. second, when these same players played for the junior national teams for god sake they were not rich but they gave their all and the won us trophy. the country over the years have tried to provide the best for them.. I tell my friends from other African countries how much we pay our players and the are amazed. Our black stars player have taken us for granted. Messi, Ronaldo and other top stars who represent their countries are not paid more than they receive in their club but they are giving every thing to their countries. I don't think the GFA is out of order if the want to put in place modalities such as future mode of payment, amount of bonus and code of conduct is a bad thing. these players have similar modalities in their club. this will prevent any player from holding the country to ransom and the embarrassment we all went through. It us call a spade a spade.. these players are not super human..They simply blew away a great opportunity to make Ghana proud as well as a good return not only on the investment we made in them but for their own career. They have tried to explained the reason for their revolt but non is tenable. We have no option but to have them sigh a respectable code of conduct NOT only for players but for officials
  • Fiifi, Berlin says:
    July 12, 2014 10:48 am
    You dont force commitment or patroitism! The solution is not a contract , it is fair treatment of those involved! As it seems , the GFA is piling the whole blame on the players and not admitting their gross indescipline and UNPROFESSIONALISM in the whole affair! Right from the start, the management committee could have put a stop to a lot of the problems which occured! Contract or no contract , if the players want to hold the GFA and the state at ransome, they would do it IF THE GFA AND STATE DO NOT KEEP TO THEIR PART OF THE CONTRACT!!! That is exactly what happened, becos the GFA and Govt. failed tokeep to their part of the the "gentleman agrrement" in place! FAIRPLAY is the keyword, this attitude of "the boss is always right" is always faced with "I'll show you where power lies"! AND IF THE COACH IS NOT RESPECTED BY THE PLAYERS BECOS OF HIS DEFICIENCIES IN COACHING ABILITY AND METHODS, THEN NO VOLUMES AND PAGES OF CONTRACTS WOULD GARANTEE A CONFLICT-FREE TOURNAMENT OR CALL-UPS TO THE BLACK STARS! And this talk of building a new "Black Stars" with young players is also "after table talks"! These young players would not stay forever young or keep their mouths shut as long as the INCOMPETENCE AND CORRUPTION AND NEPOTISM CONTINUE TO BREED AMONG THE GFA MANAGEMENT! The GFA management should start with itself before holding the players responsible for the "shit" that happened at Brazil! By the way, this contract idea is not a GFA "original", , it was first put foward by the FIFA after the Black Stars had staged their "strike". This contract thing is now going to be a normal procedure for all participants of future W/C finals tournaments! The GFA only "pinched" a bit of this to try to show that they are "doing something", what a shame!!! ALL THOSE GFA PEOPLE WHO WENT TO BRAZIL AS PART OF THE DELEGATION SHOULD RESIGN, BECOS THEY WERE THE SOURCE OF THE CHOAS AND SCANDAL AND FIASCO AT BRAZIL!!! KPB,MUNTARI AND ESSIEN WERE ONLY VENTIL OUTLET OF ALL THIS GROSS INCOMPETENCE AND INDESCIPLINE OF THOSE IN CHARGE - THE GFA DELEGATION!!!