EXCLUSIVE: Ghana World Cup midfielder Afriyie Acquah marries girlfriend Amanda in Accra

Afriyie Acquah marries his girlfriend Amanda in Accra.

Afriyie Acquah marries his girlfriend Amanda in Accra.

GHANASoccernet.com can exclusively report that World Cup midfielder Afriyie Acquah has married his girlfriend Amanda at a ceremony in Accra on Saturday.

The 22-year-old, who played one match at the tournament in Brazil, has been dating the pretty fair-coloured lady for over a year.

Afriyie Acquah and wife Amanda

Afriyie Acquah and wife Amanda

The ceremony was attended by Acquah’s agent Oliver Arthur, football administrator and mentor Ralph Gyambrah, Major Kwame Baah, the man who scouted him first.

Afriyie Acquah and Amanda.

Afriyie Acquah and Amanda.


Afriyie Acquah marries girlfriend Amanda.

Afriyie Acquah marries girlfriend Amanda.


Afriyie Acquah and wife Amanda

Afriyie Acquah and wife Amanda

Oliver Arthur (lef) and Ralph Gyambrah.

Oliver Arthur (lef) and Ralph Gyambrah.

Afriyie Acquah and wife Amanda.

Afriyie Acquah and wife Amanda.




  1. kingsford says:

    perfect may God bless u with children

    • OGYA says:

      Yeah he took the fucking $100,000 and went and married a gold digger all at our expense. I don’t care what anyone says we got robbed. Fuck all the player and GFA beggars.

  2. king says:

    Is Afriyie Acquah really 22 years?.If he is 22 why rush and marry?.People forget that women age faster than men,and by age 40,that is when the problem starts.Why can’t He wait and marry at 30 years,when he is mature enough.

    • Ghanaman says:

      mind your own business!!!

    • James, Hohoe says:

      My problem is with the current wave of divorce crushing the marriage of many soccer players, has Afriyie prayed very well and is spiritually convinced the lady is the right choice for him? Is he a committed member of a Bible-believing church? And if he belongs to a church whose pastor and elders were present, why did they not advise him to change his hair cut? What did his parents and other relatives tell him about that demonic hair cut?
      Because of money, the modern day youth are not really looking before leaping! He is too young to marry. Is he mentally matured to handle marital problems alone without rushing to a friend for advice?

  3. king says:

    @Ghanaman,my friend don’t bring yourself!.You think I don’t know you.Let the whole world know why your wife left you,or I will let them know.

  4. kuukuphilly says:

    The guy is married,that’s all that matters.

  5. Dr Who says:

    The appearance fee has started bearing results

  6. bobby and blazer says:

    @ king chop yr house matter

  7. Ni-Bi says:

    @King when you mary at the age of 30, do you know the disadvantages in it. You sound very amateour! Look at Abedi Pele and his children today and those who are now doing their best. Not everything thing that comes to your mind you should spit it out.

  8. jay b says:

    The gurl is older than him.be careful u are not taken away like Castro.sugar mummy! Hehehehehe

  9. Kouplez says:

    Is this lady 20yrs or older than Afriyie Acquah…..hmmmmm

  10. asirifi isaac says:

    hapi marriage oo afriye

  11. King says:

    @James,Hohoe help me talk some oo,when I talk they say my mouth be too big,but make I eat my house matter.as for me I be king,so I fit see,what you people no fit see.

  12. Kafui Dey says:

    @James Hohoe..U think you know better than the one marrying? How is the haircut demonic? Did the bible state that particular haircut is demonic. Its time we face reality and stop pushing this onto relisgion The bane of Africans.He is too young to marry? Is there a rule to which age to marry? Stop the shallow thinking. U think age corresponds to maturity. I bet someone younger than you is far matured than you are and has been through experiences u have not. Keep your personal rules to urself.
    So u think marrying at 22 yrsd means you are rushing?? Dude stop displaying your ignorance nad shallow mided thinking in public. He should marry at 40 abi and when he is old his kids are very young.

    • James, Hohoe says:

      To Kafui Dey, you don’t have to insult me. You can bear with me that in a typical Ghanaian context, a young man cannot enter marriage with that kind of haircut. All these haircuts and tattoos being exhibited by these sportsmen and women is not for fun. We are in the end times. The devil is looking for more souls to take to hell with himself. You may be rich, but the counsel of adults is very much needed in issues like marriage. No matter what, he is an African, and Ghanaian for that matter. The youth of today are suffering emotionally because of a wide generation gap. All that glitters is never gold. After all, did Ghanaians not pray for these players? What is their individual relationship with God? The Bible is against men pitting on ear rings, body tattoos, etc because they are affront to God. You can insult me, but these exhibits are morally and biblical repulsive.

  13. Philip says:

    My friends stop criticizing the guy n pray for him to achieve his goal in marriage cos d Bible says he who finds a wife finds a gud thing.

  14. coachito says:

    Das de power of de $100,000 as appearance fee

  15. The one says:

    So he got married? Is he save with her? She still fucking with his teammates, he is not taking care of his child he is just chilling and listening to this old golddigging girl. God will show him the girls true colours. He should rater take care of his kid cause karma is a big bitch

  16. mirabel says:

    why d rush my broda. even though d moni dey but ……….. hmmmmm u should hav thought abt it twiceoooooo cos ibi life tym tin n if u der divorce baba God go judge u. hapi married anyway

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