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FEATURE: 2016/17 GHPL first round report – Part II

Published on: 17 May 2017


The 2016/17 GHPL has not produced a lot of goals compared to the previous 2015/16 season. In the previous season, a total of 253 goals were scored in the first round but this number has been reduced by 12. A total of 241 goals were scored in the first round of this season.

The 2015/16 season saw week 5 producing the lowest number of goals – 12, while this season has week 9 producing the lowest number of goals – 9.

Again, last season produced the highest number of goals in a single week – 25, one higher than what was produced this season – 24, all in week 6.

The diagram below shows the comparative goal distribution of the various weeks between the first rounds last season and this season.

NB: In actual fact, 239 ball entered the net but Olympics were gifted 3 goals from their protest against Bolga All Stars making it 241.

2015/16 Statistics

Total matches           =         120

Total Goals                =         253

Home Goals              =         177

Away Goals              =         76

Total wins                 =          81

Total draw                 =          32

Home wins                =         68

Away Loses              =          20


2016/16 Statistics

Total matches           =          120

Total goals scored    =          241

Home goals               =          155

Away goals               =          86

Total wins                 =          81

Total draws               =          39

Home wins                =          65

Away wins                =          16

1st half goals              =          103

2nd half goals             =          136

NB: The total number of 1st half and second half goals will be up to 239 but it’s supposed to be 241. Deduct one from it, ie: the goal scored by Bolga All Stars against Olympics because they lost at the board room, and add the 3 goals awarded Olympics to the total goals and you will have 241.


Last season, a total of 177 goals were scored at home in the first round while a total of 155 goals have been scored at home this season.

A total of 76 goals were scored away in the first round last season but 86 goals have been scored this season.

68 wins were recorded at home last season while 65 wins have been recorded this season while 16 wins away this season is seen as an improvement in the performance of clubs away last season at a figure of 13.

The diagram below shows the performance of clubs at home and away both last season and this season.

stats 2

The chart distribution above indicates that club win more matches at home than away, a scenario that has been characteristic of the GHPL.

68 matches were won at home last season while 65 were won at home this season indicating clubs have failed to maintain last season’s record.

More matches were drawn this season than las season, 39 this season and 32 last season.

General Stats


By: Sheikh Tophic Sienu @desheikh1 on twitter


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