Ghana government budgets to renovate Kumasi and Accra Stadia

Published on: 5 years ago

The government will spend an estimated GH?53,872,871 on sports during the year.

As part of its expenditure, the Accra and Kumasi Stadium will be rehabilitated to forestall further deterioration of the facilities.

This was revealed in the reading of the budget on Tuesday by the Finance Minister Seth Terpker.

The two stadiums are the most widely used in the country and have not seen any major rehabilitation works since the country hosted the AFCON in 2008.

The poor state of the facilities has led to embarrassing situations including a 54 minute black out at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium during a recent World Cup qualifier.

The Government will also rehabilitate the National Sports College to raise it to international standards and also ensure the passing of the Sports Bill to replace the SMCD 54.

The Sports Bill has been in on the table for close to a decade now and its imminent passing will be a boon to a sector in dire need of new ideas and consistency in its administration.

Work on the Cape Coast Stadium will also begin whilst the University of Allied and Health Sciences will also get a stadium to augment multipurpose sports facilities which will be built at community levels.



  • Bangarlee sylla
    says: 5 years ago
    I do not know what happens to the revenue of these stadiums.i understand the importance of subcidy...but cant the gov realize the waste in its idiotic generosity.get on of the banks or outfit makers to sign their names and logo,s on the stadia and you take care if the the necessary basics,food water light and housing.