Ghana players scared to play in Cairo- Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan

Asamoah Gyan

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan claims many of his Black Stars teammates are against the idea of playing Egypt in Cairo for the World Cup playoff return leg next month.

The Al Ain striker says they feel intimidated by the deteriorating security concerns in the North African country.

FIFA has set a 28 October deadline to confirm whether the match will be played in Cairo or at a neutral venue.

This was after the Ghana FA wrote to the world football governing body over recent violent clashes between protesters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the military.

The Egyptian Football Association insists the country is safe and Ghana should harbour no fear ahead of the 19 November decider.

“Most of the guys talk to me about playing the second leg in Cairo in front of the fans and are scared about the happenings in that country,” Gyan told Kumasi-based Angel FM

“Don’t forget that most of the players follow all what is going on in Egypt and are abreast with every incident that has been going on because life is very precious.

“We are in talks with the authorities in charge to see what decision is finally taken with respect to the venue of the match so hopefully by next week will all know where the game will be played.

“We need to protect our lives as footballers so if Cairo is picked as the venue then they would have to provide a very tight security for us because we all know the what the situation is in Egypt now.

“Not to say that we can’t play, we are ready to play at any venue against any opposition but as I said our lives are more important.”


  1. anokwale says:

    I think it makes sense just to have this game in Dubai. Why take silly risks. Egypt needs five unaswered goals. Is that likely to happen? Why risk lives of both teams when we know it is unlikely that Egypt will qualify.

  2. I says:

    See even after the trashing of the egyptian, they did not allow their fans to even know about their arrival. Please our Stars are dear to us. If they will allow the match in cairo, then i suggest both caf and fifa top officials should be present in the stadium that day.

  3. Dr Who says:

    We’ll still beat them there….that not withstanding,Fifa should guarantee the safety of our stars before honouring that match.

  4. gb says:

    Even the military rulers in Egypt cannot guarantee safety….the defense minister was recently attacked in a car bomb…the government cannot protect itself from the insurgency, how much more black Africans..the FIFA EXECUTIVES WILL NEVER SHOW UP IN EGYPT…If USA advises its citizens to stay away from Egypt, it makes no sense for ghanaians to be going there…NO SECURITY WILL BE ENOUGH..THEY KILL POLICEMEN WHEN THEY RIOT IN EGYPT… GET THE GHANA GOVERNMENT TO TALK TO FIFA..THIS IS NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE

  5. Fred says:

    I dont even know what this argument or delay is about? Fifa should know better. this is africa! It happened in Angola and some Togolese players and techincal team died as a result of an attck on their bus. Do they need more examples of this? Fifa are being foolish and irresponsible!!! You cannot risk lives of players no matter the stakes. Egypt had a bloody encounter with Algeria in the last worldcup qualifying even when the country was at peace. This can potentially trigger massive death or injuries ..Egyptians take their football seriously and the current ban in Egypt was a result of the death of 75 football fans at a staduim. With these examples why is Fifa even entertaining this idea? It can only be sheer stupidity!!!

  6. Djeniko says:

    This is a very serious matter. I know by October 28, Fifa will respond positively. You have read about the failed suicide-bomb attempt in the Ethiopia vs Nigeria match. Just imagine what would have happen if those 2 men gained entry into the stadium and detonated the bomb in the mixt of that many spectators. My advice on this. This is what Fifa/Ghana FA should do. 1). Ghana FA should Continue to remind Fifa of the risk involved in playing in Egypt. Site the failed suicide bomb in the Ethiopia vs Nigeria match as example. 2). Fifa can play the match in a closed door style. No spectators, only players, coaches/crew and some Egypt FA officials. 3). Take the match to another country. South Africa or Togo will do. Not any North or East African nation. This is if Fifa need the spectator and/or gate fee. I support playing the match with spectators. At least let Egypt have ‘little’ home advantage. I know Fifa will do something.

  7. Yaw says:

    If FIFA and CAF does not change the venue. Then GFA should insist they come to the stadium and watch the game. Secondly if anything happen to any footballer be it Ghanaian or Egyptian then FIFA should be sued then the country should be banned for years.I hope Egypt love Ghanaians and will act wisely in order not to tarnish their soccer image.

  8. Look at this cow. You are afraid to go to Egypt but the Egyptians weren’t afraid to play in Gayna…. Mtcheeeeew. FIFA pls offer free 4 points to Egypt. No further talks abeg

    • mafito says:

      u are a BIG fooool. Is the security situation in Egypt the same as Ghana?how dare u compare Egypt to Ghana in terms of security? Hav u even heard som1 killed a rat in ghana b4? The likes of u is wat boko haram needs to be chasing not innocent pipo. Ur own 9ja is not even safe let alone Egypt. Grow up boy.

    • NONI(9JA 1ST LUNATIC SON) says:

      ARE YOU THAT STUPID OR YOU WERE BORN TO BE ??? Was there any fight or war going on in Ghana before Ghana vs Egypt game was played..I wont even go further you just a stupid moron leave it here or pass it your generations

    • BESTMAN says:

      my guy weytin you dey talk?
      why you dey such a serious matter?
      this na hatred wey you abhor for Ghana.
      Nanaima.. We forgive you………
      Grow up and think like a matured person.

  9. Kao says:

    This is how GHANA is written. Stupid animal

  10. GHANA MAN says:


  11. GHANA MAN says:


  12. phillbanger says:


  13. kp says:

    @Ghanaman, hahahaha….. captain of Black Pigs that have not won any trophy for 33 years. Look at who is talking, an ugly pig that is playing in woman league in United Arab. Even Nigeria Under 20 Women Team that won SILVER in FIFA under 20 Women World Cup in Germany 2010; will win this pig team in Arab anyday.

  14. jos says:

    Hahahaha…… captain of Black Pigs is playing in Women League in Arab. No wonder, Gayna Black Pigs team have not won any trophy for 33 years. Look at his ugly face with mutiple colours.

  15. mr sports says:

    I like to know if ghana refuse to play dat much , wht will hppen? I know dey will award egypt three Points, 3 gos which still Ghana qualify so GFA looks into dat methods and lets no if dere is no consequences aside dese on den we go by dis option.

  16. Samuel says:

    If FIFA approves Egypt for the return leg then my advise to GFA and the whole players is for them to insist that all FIFA and CAF officials should be present at the stadium.

  17. I tink i agree wit Gyan consider the lives taken in egypt, we nid a neutra ground and above tight security, and d spirit is “we can play any opposition at any where” dat shows how they ar mentally prepared, but live is precious. We pray 4 God intervention. 4rm Abuja.

  18. Mumbi says:

    Asamoah gyan has already admitted defeat. Why fearing to play in Cairo as if u re a criminal. Fifa should just ban Ghana from international football if they continue with these nosence. Just go and meet Egypt in there backyard. No any footballer has been killed in Egypt, Mozambique, Benin & Guinea players were not killed there so even ghanaian players won’t be killed.

  19. mr sports says:

    Smetime i wonder hw sme naija guys took dis media to insult Ghanaians, whn we talk of security nigeria is lacking still in stone age period.USA army which cheap to enter, doesn’t accept naija, nigeria passport lack credibility dere been enough secrutiny over b4 allowed to enter US.hw is dat nigerias in US tell der bosses dat dey come from Ghana.dat why dey bushing for ecowas passport ,we thx USA intergence fr employing well train Ghana at various US airport to help identify de gruches we no dem by names language and so. Dey demselve can’t grant der safty dus why de move to Ghana to sell phone in de streets in Ghana. All de politian and richmen in naija snd der kids to Ghana to school.if Ghana is bad just move to naija bcos i will not say US is bad, i was born in US bt i love to be Ghanaian.whn Ghana play US i did not insult anybody even my frnds well saying u guys are gud i tld dem dat dus only sports we are gud.

    • Kwame..bee says:

      You are a Ghanaian Slave in US.If Ghana is so good come back to Ghana and contribute ur quota.9ja’s are even ruling you in business in the USA. You work there as slaves, why the 9ja guys make money through business…Moron!

      • Kwame..bee says:

        You are a Ghanaian Slave in US.If Ghana is so good come back to Ghana and contribute ur quota.9ja’s are even ruling you in business in the USA. You work there as slaves, why the 9ja guys make money through business…Moron!

        • Reef says:

          so the fcuk what??? We all know you kwame will rather choose to live in Ghana than to live in BOKO HARAMS country..u guys better leave their country for them b4 they exterminate all of ya..STUPID FOOLS!

  20. Mumbi says:

    Leshag u cheered ghana as fans, Egypt too should be cheered by their fans. Just be fair

  21. Chu says:

    @Mumbi, there are thousand mailon brothers in the fans. the algerian bus was stoned when they drove 4rm the airport

  22. GHANSON says:

    All these useless 419 Nigerians…Instead of looking for ways to restore peace in 9ja,they rather flee to Ghana and still wont shut up…

    WOW..-Breaking News—Nigerian Pirates KIDNAP US Citizens off the coast of Nigeria….
    OMG I thought the piracy business was only in Somalia…This shows how desperate these nigerian monkeys are…Instead of doing good business with people ,they rather kidnap CEOS,Captains etc…FOOLS!!

    NIGERIA,SOMALIA,EGYPT,YEMEN–These countries must be RE-COLONIZED with and iron fist in order to guarantee and maintain World Peace.

  23. Kwame Adu-Gyamfi says:

    Hahaha this guy Noni is funny. He’s a troll for real. I know he loves Ghana. Noni keep up the good stuff man, you’re hilarious.

  24. jos says:

    @GHANSON, breaking news without source in this 21st century. poky idioit, no wonder foreighners control 98% ghana economy because gaynaians are senseless primitive apes. No wonder ghana got independent before Nigeria and yet ECOWAS headquater is in Abuja, Nigeria. No wonder gaynaians are shoe shine boys in Nigeria, hawking gala and puf puf while gaynaian women are cheap prostitutes in Agege Lagos. No wonder in 1982 and 1993, Nigeria government sent 3 million gaynaians back to gayna with GHANA MUST BAGS because they are useless and unproductive. No wonder gayna first president Kwame Nkrumah died in Guinea Republic as a poor refugee man.

  25. jos says:

    @GHANSON, u trokosi voodoo and sakawa ape claimed that tiny gayna is peaceful poor country. Now tell me why gayna first president Kwame Nkrumah died in Guinea Republic as a poor refugee man? tell me why 5 million gaynaians ran to Nigeria in 1970s,1980s and 1990s for safety and to excape hunger? tell me why a Scoltish bastard called JJ RAWLINGS ploited a coup and killed thounsands of gaynaians? Listen senseless ape, Nigerians are controlling gayna economy and very soon we will colonize GAYNA and add it to 37 states of Nigeria.

    • GHANSON says:

      @jos..First of all have you read the article about the 2 Americans kidnapped by nigerian pirates yesterday???
      Second-// Even Jesus Christ was crucified so its no surprise if Kwame Nkrumah died a refugee in Guinea.
      You said 5 million Ghanaians ran to Nigeria in 1970s,80s and 90s? Let me enlighten you MORON…its 2013!!! And you said nigayrians are controlling Ghana?? hmm this shows ur level of STUPIDITY.. U think so because Ghana has given 100% freedom to all civilians weather foreign or domestic..that is what is making you THINK ur guys are controlling Ghana…Fool.! what you guys are experiencing in Ghana now is called FREEDOM-of speech,trade,livelihood etc…which I strongly doubt prevails in the SHIT-HOLE NIGERIA..
      You also said very soon that you willcolonize Ghana…lml u make me laugh…well you can come and colonize Ghana ONLY after you are done colonizing BOKO HARAM…because to my knowledge,even policemen everywhere in nigeria are afraid to go to work because they dont know when one of BOKO HARAMS suicide guys will come blow them up…When students cannot sleep peacefully in their dorms without being attacked by a bunch of SICKOS,then yu guys can come colonize Ghana. And whats up with the kidnappings of prominent members of society like Mikel Obi`s father,businessmen,even evangelists OMG…Typical ANIMALISTIC behavior..Yet u want rub shoulders with GHANA…. #kwasia9ja!

      • GHANSON says:

        Thank God that Ghana`s judicial system really works..Now our prisons in Ghana are filled with Nigerians doing HARD-TIME with HARD LABOR for VIOLENT CRIMES!..I like the football numbers being handed down by Ghanaian judges to all these nigerians who think crime is the only answer…Kwasia…we dey catch una dey lock dey go… typical sentence for for nigerian caught in Ghana stealing food or even water is 40 Years minimum….Oh I love Mother Ghana…Armed robbery=90 years minimum…And if a Ghanaian`s blood was spilt,then we feed you to the lions @zoo.
        You guys should keep coming to our land to cause trouble…more Prisons are being built just for Apes like yourself…

        Thats how nigerians are living in this present day and time…Half of the population living in extreme poverty..

  26. Ghone says:

    Dis semi humans from dat God forsaken coutry nigeria are always here showing the world how stupid and backward they are nowonder their toilet hole they call country was declared a failed state

  27. A concerned citizen says:

    “Lions den” or “troyjan” horse venue must be changed. Watch this..If they can not provide protection for their own senior coach Bradley to come to the stadium,[In view of this, the assistant coach will handle the second leg], how can they provide protection for the visitors? The region is volatile more than Cabinda, Angola where the Togolese goal keepr died. We want Sepp Blatter himself to show up on that day so we can walk together if he did not change the venue. FIFA will be unfair to Ghana if they did not change the venue

  28. GHANSON says:

    hahahahahahahah thank God for WWW we all can see the luxury all nigerians are living in….fcuking SHIT-HOLE..

  29. jos says:

    @GHANSON, ur a typical primitive senseless Gaynaian who will remain a slave till he die. listen ape, Nigeria is a large country with big population unlike tiny poor slum called gayna. One state alone in Nigeria is bigger and richer than poor tiny gayna. Gayna bleaching face president John Mahama always visit nigeria every week begging for gas and money. MUMU! terriorist is a global problem, even terrorist attack almighty AMERICA. terrorist attacks Kenya, Uganda, Russia, uk, syria, niger, lebanese, turkey, mali, congo, isreal etc. Ghana time is coming and i know u gaynaians are cowards, when u guys hear a gun shot from terrorist, all of u will run to nigeria as u coward did in 1970s 1980s 1990s. Then we will take u guys as slave again, as we did to u gaynaians in 80s 90s.

    • GHANSON says:

      Typical block headed nigerian..You r comparing your BOKO HARAM problem to that of America and the rest??? Dude are you serious??? Let me tell you,the terrorists that attacked America are cowards just the all of them so what do they do?? they sneak in attack and run away or die off…But in nigeria,The terrorists actually live there amongst civilians permanently..BOKO HARAM is so bold that they openly threaten to capture Prez Badluck Jonathan (he looks like a palm wine tapper).
      You said our time is coming in Ghana when they will attack us right?? Let me tell you the clear difference here in Ghana…It is we the civilians that will shut down BOOK HARAM once and for all even before our gov hears about them..Cuz in Ghana theres no safe haven for terrorists in our society…It is me myself that will go hunting at night for the bad guys trust me homeboi…Dont fcuk wit GH.. our country may be small and we may be only 24 mil or so but trust me,Ghana is like the HONEY BADGER…not even scared of the Lion himself.We eat king cobras for lunch.We say Bring IT!and we show u FIRE! Ony3 sooorrmi!

      All that oil money in 9ja means nothing if you cant enjoy it without fear of being kidnapped and held for ransom…who wants to live this way??? only nigerian assholes

  30. jos says:

    @GHANSON, i know ur a primitive lazy ape but google before u spread liars. which ghana judicial system work? the ghana currupt judicial system that allow Mr Alfred Woyome to go free, a ghanaian criminal that thief 500 millilon dollars from ghana government. A judicial system that allow ghana former minister Betty Iddrisu who thief 200 million dollars from ghana government to go free. A Ghana corrupt judicial system that allow ghana corrupt Member of Paliaments(MP) to trafficking drugs before Mr. Eric Amoateng, a Ghana Member of Paliament (MP) was caught in USA withh drugs and jailed 10 years in USA. Ghana judicials and polices force are the most corrupt people in world

  31. jos says:

    @GHANSON, ur poky idiot! Ghana is a tiny poor country with 25 million population. God blessed Ghana with Gold, Diamond, Cocoa, Salt, Oil and many minerals and yet Ghana is too poor like Malawi that don’t have any natural resources. yet Ghana is a country that survived with AIDs money, a country that beg around to survived, a country that have only one useless international airpor, a country that it citizen couldn’nt afford ordinary secondary school because of poverty. Ghana foreigh debt is 45 billion dollars despite his small population and many mineral resources. What a useless nation.

  32. Blakroze GH says:

    Point of correction@ Jos….I don’t know what they teach you in naija but the word you are struggling to find in your pityfull brain is STEAl….S.T.E.A.L “STEAL” we don’t thief something JOS, we steal it!!!now you can continue arguing….scores so far…GH: 7 …99ja: 2……ROUND 2…..ARGUE!!!!

  33. sejay says:

    I wonder why some people lack some sense to understand what is vividly clear like what is going on in Egypt. Ghana is not afraid of playing with Egypt in their backyard just that the circumstance in Egypt is not save to do so in Egypt. so which part of these story do some of u who write senseless comments here do not understand? Even if the whole world come support Egypt, we’ll still beat them but we want to do so safely. how can some1 who has won a tremendous first game will afraid to go in for the second game? C’moon now, this is not the matter of afraid but safety.

  34. Jesus says:

    I just dont understand why CANNIBALS 419JA want to rub shoulders with GHANA after their top political figures and those that seem to hav little money send their children to Ghana to school claiming Ghana is their abroad. 419ja is a CANNIBALISTIC BOKO HARAM infested country that feed on Gari from morning to evening . PLS watch this if u hav heart. They are like that.

  35. PITO says:

    EGYPT must decide if they want emabarassment infront of their home fans in their current volatile political situation or they choose a neutral venue and we take it easy on them. CHOOSE ONE

  36. milky says:

    Sigh this is crazy!! I really don’t understand why people are insulting Ghanaian for bringing up issues that are really worrying. We all know Egypt is not really safe right now. I really want the game to be played there so that things will be fair but i don’t think it worth the risk.
    Now on the topic of comparing Nigeria with Ghana; what people don’t realize is that the fact that Nigerians are opening business and buying stuff in Ghana is a good thing for Ghana’s economy not Nigeria’s. All that money they spend in Ghana goes to grow Ghana’s economy not Nigerian’s. If Nigeria’s economy is good and Nigeria is safe, Nigerians would have stayed and invested there but since it isn’t, that is why they are investing and spending money to grow Ghana’s economy. I will probably get insulted by lots of people, but if you know anything about economy, demand, spending and safety, you will not insult me. America is a perfect example, their economy is good and safe hence most of the business men there are from other countries. It’s all about good economy and how safe a country is.
    Ghana – GDP – per capita (PPP): $3,400 (2012 est.)
    Nigeria – GDP – per capita (PPP):$2,800 (2012 est.)
    This is from
    This is one of the few things that economist look at to see how an economy is. At this point, Ghana is doing way better than Nigeria. Nigeria had had oil for a long time but due to bad management and corruption, that oil became a curse for them. I’m not blaming the Nigerian people, I blame their selfish leaders. Nigeria is more corrupt than Ghana according to transparency index hence most of the problems in Nigeria. So I think it’s a little unfair for people to say Nigeria is better than Ghana right now.
    People please just don’t insult me because I have used facts, so please if you want to prove that I’m wrong, please provide facts. Facts don’t lie

  37. Richie says:

    @jesus bro these alata pple ar nt humans i jux watched da pictures frm da link u posted they re simple cannibals

  38. africa says:

    You guys will tear each other with your comments. My fellow africans let us learn to respect each other. One love One africa

  39. BESTMAN says:

    Guys please stop this whole arguments and concentrate
    on how to restore peace on the beautiful continent of ours.Attacking each other on our own soil is what gave the white man power to controlled us.
    We’re one people, one color on a beautiful continent.
    Let’s us see the right in people instead of attacking. doing the right thing is the key not hatred towards one another.We’re all equal in Gods eyes. One Love.One people on a Beautiful and colorful continent. God Bless Africa.

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