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Ghana players to sign pre-contracts before gaining call-ups to forestall bonus rows

Published on: 03 July 2014
Black Stars players

Ghana will have contracts with players at future international tournaments to avoid the problems encountered at the 2014 World Cup over bonus payments.

The players took strike action because they had not been paid prior to Brazil 2014, resulting in $3m (£1.74m) in cash flown out to appease the squad.

The Ghana Football Association said it would revert to "signed agreements" and bank transfers for bonuses.

“The Executive Committee has taken the position that as part of conditions for an invitation to the Black Stars in future, we have to sign contracts with players and put it clearly before the mode of payments,” President Kwesi Nyantakyi said at a press conference on Wednesday.

“If a player thinks that the mode of payment is not acceptable to you; you may opt out of the Black Stars because it is has created too many problems for us.

“If there was agreement on payment into bank accounts even here, all these problems wouldn’t have come about.

“But we need to re-orient ourselves and take a position and stand by it.”

Ghana managed just one draw and two defeats to crash out of the tournament.


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  • fred says:
    July 03, 2014 09:26 am
  • Viper says:
    July 03, 2014 09:56 am
    You bloody idiot,Kwesi whatever his name is, he thinks is a smart man.Do you think they players give a monkeys about money????? They want respect ,accountability,fairness,competence.Why will you have your wife and kids on the same flight as the players???? Yet the players are not to bring theirs? Why will you promise them the appearance fees before the world cup,only to backtrack??? You idiots are lying through your teeth and want the players to risks themselves for you corrupt bunch???? Nkwasiasem. Players don't care about the money,if thats what you think is the problem.The money isn't the problem but the corruption,incompetence,lack of insight is the problem. You bloody idiot,an illiterate,I might add,you have supervised two world cup appearances,so how on earth do you manage to **** everything up for the third time??? Considering the first two world cup were a relative success,you are a fool it seems,because only a fool refuses to learn.
  • Dasaintshy says:
    July 03, 2014 11:15 am
    African leaders are genetically coded to lie and thus exactly what they are doing. I am so tired of these things and it hurts when the masses just watch them cheat them everyday. One day will be like what happened in Egypt. So corrupt you can see it in the air the breath. That guy must leave that post. He is corrupt just as the gov't. I wish FIFA could probe some of these allegations and ban associations that lies to their players. Monkey always dey work for baboon to chop. Idiots and pot belly foolish men we call leaders...
  • Big mouth says:
    July 03, 2014 11:24 am
    Why is the FA behaving as if the money issue was the biggest challenge the team encountered? We still could have managed to sail through if we have had a top notch coach. Why won,t the management members also have some kind of contract to sign? WHY KEEP AKWASI APPIAH???????????????????????????????? The point here is that both the Executive Committee, Nyantakyi, Akwasi Appiah and the FA in its entirety have failed, so who fires who?, and who stays on?, when all of them have failed and connive to chop. They are each others keeper so they see nothing wrong with maintaining Akwasi Appiah. Encourage him to make more additions with the younger one's whose bonuses they could easily cut back with no one hearing of any sort of malpractice while maintaining camping serenity. Thieves, the bigger shame is yet to come. Akwasi Appiah can NEVER lead our national team nowhere!!!!
  • Big mouth says:
    July 03, 2014 11:29 am
    How i wish our pro players abroad will refuse to honour any of Akwasi Appiah's invitation until he is replaced....hmnnnnnn
  • afrikaba1 says:
    July 03, 2014 02:04 pm
    This guy is not resigning and talking shit and Ghanaians are allowing him to stay in post. As Match fixer Forsythe said, When Ghana loses it last for only 24 hrs then people forget. That is why we will struggle to advance!
  • bstarfan says:
    July 03, 2014 03:04 pm
    There is a reason that the older players saw the writing on the wall. The poor quality of hotels and airfare and disproportionate allocations for executives that Kevin spoke about are signs to guys that there was shadiness abound. The younger players who needed the national team to showcase themselves for a higher end club career had no choice but to keep quiet. Nyantaki has to go. While I do not think Kwesi Appiah did a terrible job as a manager, after all it was a difficult group and he could not control the injuries to his back line or the activity of Dauda with his club, this is a situation is such that an entire cleaning of the house is needed and probably needs to be done before Cup of Nations qualifying begins. Otherwise, the accomplished players and those with well-paid European clubs are not going to want to play. Nobody likes being short-changed or disrespected no matter how much they love wearing the national shirt.