Video: Ghana striker Gyan scores in Al Ain goal rout

Asamoah Gyan celebrates his strike for Al Ain

Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan scored in the 8th game running for Al Ain as they mauled struggling Al Ittihad Kalba 6-0 in the UAE Pro-League on Sunday. 

The 26-year-old registered the fifth goal for Cosmin Olaroiu’s side in the 65th minute at the Tahnoun Bin Mohamed Stadium.

Gyan has taken his season tally to 15 in eight games and has opened a three goal lead at the top of the scorers chart.

Watch Gyan’s goal in the video below: 


  1. Kwamina says:

    Some of us are tired of reading about this guy scoring against sub-standard opposition! No matter how much we try to market it, being a top scorer in UAE league is not considered to be a great achievement. I sincerely hope he does something useful in AFCON 2013

    • Chale' 1 says:

      You talk so much sh**. WHAT LEAGUE DO YOU PLAY IN? You select the articles you want to read. If you don’t want to read about Gyan then don’t open the link.

      We tired to haters like you. Instead of doing something about your miserable life, you choose to talk crap about one of the best paid sportsman on the continent.

      Jelousy will not get you anywhere.

  2. polo says:

    Yawa league he can only score against the Arabs he faild in Italy,France and England now he is hero in rabs

  3. theprince says:

    Hey! some players went there and never succeed so give this chap some credit

  4. Kollars says:

    Why wouldn’t Ghanaians talk,when our captain plays in one of the lowers league in the world.It’s the only league that a player scores with the back heel on a spot kick.

  5. tank God we are nt zambians says:

    we all like gyan bt scorin goals in arab dnt mean anytin to us.we nid goals at da afcon

  6. lolvfunny says:

    You are all talking too much… A goal is goal whether it was scored in Pluto league or Jupiter league oh

  7. lolvfunny says:

    You are all talking too much… A goal is a goal whether it was scored in Pluto league or Jupiter league oh

  8. Gash says:

    How is Gyan able to score so many than he did at Italy and London?

  9. Maxwell Johnson says:

    @lolvfunny, dude what do you mean by a goal is a goal. If a goal scored in the Belgian Jupiler league & Swiss Super League is rated @ an average of 1 & 1.5 point respectively how much will a goal scored in the UAU pro-league be rated? You don’t seem to know what you talking about, Gyan is not doing himself any good by playing in that league and the sooner he realize that the better.

  10. Gash says:

    After digging through, am sorry to say that Qatar has one of the shitty leagues in the world the only difference is that they have an enormous amount of oil money, our national captain will be far better off playing in the Cape Verdian league and his points per goal will supersede what he is making now. You dont get to play for the USA if you ply your trade in Asian, but you are likely to get a captain role in Ghana if you do.

  11. Robeen says:

    He is currently the highest paid player in Ghana. You may wish he is your family member.
    Gyan would retire from soccer a multimillionaire. I will be happy if he invest in Ghana like Desailey has done.

  12. Fu-Chu says:

    This means nothing. When ever he plays international competiton, lately, he comes up short in the goal scoring department and that includes the African Cup. I am tired of hearing about Gyan’s exploits in the Qatar league. This league is simply not competitive.

  13. fred says:

    Guys pleaseeee! The guy has made a decision to enjoy the financial benefits of football rather than play competitively in Europe. Football is money and hardwork. He has chosen to take it easy in a league where he wont get injured and yet make more money than he would anywhere on the planet. That is a personal decision and we must respect that!!! He has no intention of retiring a broke man!! But its up to our coach to assess him whether he is good enough to play for Ghana, if the answer is yes then I am afraid our opinions dont matter!!!

  14. real sabacious says:

    @Fred no wonder his form is dipping!Abeyie was earning 100k a week when he signed for a club in the gulf region but decided to move on purely on football matters.As the leader of the stars,there will be too much expection from him unlike before.Playing in the U.A.E wont do his form any good,if care is not taking,he Gyan will be the first captain of the stars to be hurt by majority of Ghanaian loving football fans,not to talk of his 2 penalty missed.simply bcos he will fail to meet their expectation by banging in the goals.Its clear he’s not the Gyan we know in his sunderland and Rennnes days.My advise to Gyan is talk to his club if they can loan him out for him to rediscover his former form before the WC 2014.

  15. real sabacious says:

    i meant hate and not hurt

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