Ghana U20 women's team defender Cynthia Boakye quits football over gender discrimination claims

Cynthia Boakye quits football

Cynthia Boakye quits football

Ghana U20 women’s team defender Cynthia Boakye says she is quitting football over claims of neglect after the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup.

The Black Princesses failed to make it past the group stage in the tournament being staged in Canada despite winning two games.

Ghana got eliminated on the superior goal difference rule at the tournament.

The team therefore missed out on their qualification bonus since they were unable to progress from the group stage.

But captain Cynthia Boakye says this was not the agreement they had prior to the commencement of the World Cup.

She also says she is quitting football all together over claims of gender discrimination.

“All we knew was that once we win our game we will be paid winning bonus,” she disclosed to Kumasi-based Price FM.

“We played with our hearts out only to be told in the end that because we didn’t progress we will not be getting qualification bonus.

“But if you look at the treatment given to the Black Stars who didn’t win a single game at the World Cup, it is very different.

“There is no fairness and therefore I am quitting football.”


  1. awwwwwww GFA abr33 rough papaa…. Ghana pa nie…….

  2. Calibuoy says:

    Kwesi Nyantakyi did a great job when he came into off,but he is burned out now. He needs to give way to someone with enough energy so that Ghana can go places.

  3. Kwaku Abeku says:

    Cynthia, it is true that there is discrimination in Ghana soccer but i dont agree that you quit the game. Be patient and continue playing we the supporters are going to advocate a change. GFA please open your eyes and cater for the female soccer stars. After all Ghanaian female soccer stars participated in Worldcup before their male counterparts but they are underfunded. Enough is enough. how do you expect them to bring laurels to mama Ghana.

  4. banger says:


  5. noble quarbson says:

    its really pathetic and unfortunate. if the players were promised wining bonuses, why must the authorities now talk about qualification bonus. they have not asked for qualification bonus because they know they didn’t qualify, but they won two matches and are entitled to their winning bonuses for those matches

  6. Tasty Tom says:

    This was what would have happened to the blackstars had they not strongly demanded for their cash before playing the match .. Liars

  7. Slim says:

    Nyantakyi. Nyantakyi. Nyantakyi. ? how many times did i call your name? yooooo. wodi3 tena ho na gyimi saaa.

  8. Mumbi says:

    @banger,or will you go for her and be banging in your village.Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha,banger will me.

  9. fish says:

    Who cares,if she doesn’t like soccer she can go and sell food in a chop bar.we will replace her with banger.

  10. Assisi says:

    This attitude of GFA for not paying the players for not qualifying from the group was the main reason why the BS players behaved the way the behaved. Imagine if our players had decided to wait for payment of all their appearance fees until after the Portugal game. I’m 100% certain that GFA would have come up with their dirty tricks and games and wouldn’t pay the players. This attitude of GFA is the very reason why our players did what they did in Brazil. GFA can never be trusted to pay players.

  11. NANA says:


  12. Toni says:

    One team gets a point to their name from a possible 9 yet get a cool $100 000 n another amases 6 Pts and get peeeenuts…..fair my ass!

  13. jub says:

    unfortunately this is the world, an unfair world if u quit the football world will still go on. i rather advise you stay so you can remain relevant to correct the wrong

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