Ghana winger Adomah wants to play at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Albert Adomah wants to play at the World Cup in Brazil

Albert Adomah wants to play at the World Cup in Brazil

Ghana winger Albert Adomah is hoping to be involved in the World Cup in Brazil next summer after breaking into the Ghana squad last year.

The Boro winger, who signed from Bristol City over the summer, has gone from Barnet to Boro in four years and is well-set to be involved in the Black Stars’ squad should they qualify for the World Cup for the third time in a row.

“Around the time of the last World Cup I was just about to sign for Bristol City and in the summer I was playing park football and 5-a-side Power league football as well,” Adomah said.

“So hopefully I can go from park football in 2010 to World Cup in 2014. That would be a unbelievable.”

Ghana face a play-off against Egypt on October 15 and 19, and Adomah is delighted to be part of the squad.

“The spirit is always the same, we’re all like brothers, no one is higher than anyone else. Even though some players play at a higher level we’re all equal when we’re at the camp,” said Adomah.

“No-one treats anyone else like they’re small or big, everyone’s equal which is really good.

“I’ve only played 12 games for Ghana and now I feel like I’m part of the national team, which is great.

“The team bus is always full of joy. On the way to games and even before and after training sessions, we’re all singing and dancing.

“It’s completely different to England where people are on their phones texting or wearing headphones.

“When I first got a call-up I was a bit shy so I was just clapping my hands to the music but I speak the main language so I can sing along and I don’t feel left out.

“And obviously when we score goals we celebrate with a dance which is great, it really gets the supporters going.”


  1. Masa wayne says:

    This guy is fast n a good crosser. Put him on the wing. He denfends too much for us. Good guy. I like his crosses. He is a few of the blackstars that gets regular football games. God bless you guy.

  2. dre says:

    He actually has to play in this game. We should not overload our team with so many leftis, regardless of there names. This guy brings us pace, good crosses and ultimately balance. Lets not forget it is the team that is most important and not the names.

    I would strongly recoomend our tried and tested 4-2-3-1 formation.


    Opare Sumaila Akaminko BABA

    Essien Muntari

    Adomah K.Asoamoah A.ayew


    Now how the hell can egypt beat this team, here in my selection everyone is playing in a position they play for club apart from K asamoah, however he is used to this postion with the nation and can interchange with ayew and muntari throughout the game.

    Later on when legs get tired on both sides we bring in the enrgy boys to try and get us a few quick goals such as agyman babu, my boy wakaso and maybe waris or jordan on whoever the coach sees can get him another goal, not to mention a fast improving Atsu who can also come in and use his pace against tiring legs.

    Believe Ghana and we will achieve.

  3. Speed says:

    Ghana can even use these guys n still win 4-0.


    Opare. Sumaila. Akaminko. Addy

    Badu. Frimpong

    Adomah. Jordan. Wakasu


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