'Ghanaian' borthers; George, Kevin-Prince and Jerome Boateng reunite after twelve years

The three brothers reunited at their birth place of Panke

The three brothers reunited at their birth place of Panke

By Ameenu Shardow

Kevin-Prince, George and Jerome Boateng were reunited at their birth place of Panke in a Nike event last week.

The three brothers were brought together for the first time in 12-years in an emotional return to the ‘slump’ they grew up in Germany.

The trio have been telling their success stories to the locals while launching a new range of Nike shoes with their diverse backgrounds.

With Kevin-Prince and Jerome defying all odds to make it big at both club and international level of their football careers, their brother; George was also sharing his experiences from his time in jail.

The three grown men now, then tagged ‘ghetto kids’ expressed their feelings at their reunion at their place of birth.

The Boateng brothers displaying the new Nike range of shoes

The Boateng brothers displaying the new Nike range of shoes

“Here we have become men,” Kevin-Prince recalled with nostalgia.

His younger brother Jerome also said: “It is a family reunion.”

George, the eldest added: “We were told we should behave normally. But that no longer works. One sees that a lot has changed in the last twelve years.”

Sports kit manufacturing giants, Nike used the occasion to present its latest soccer shoes, the FSC247 series.


  1. i tell yal friends no one knows how bitter it is to lose or depart from your blood family member unless one experiences it..i really share some immotional feelings of these three brothers experience,its good to hear them reunit back again after long period of departure..wish them good success in life

  2. Big Boss says:

    Eei GSN, what is “ghanaian Borthers” in your title? Please correct it before it’s too late. It shd be “Brothers” not “Borthers”! You really need to purge your team of SSS graduates like Centurion!

  3. Agenda says:

    Hahahaaa! Anyway some of these mistakes are pardonable ok?

  4. aristo says:

    ameenu, i like this story. very revealing and emotional. congrats for good job done.

  5. woodini says:

    This scenarios occurred when you have irresponsible father who doesn’t bother bringing up his children in a proper manner. Just imagine all the three brothers are from different mothers and what do you expect. It is not their faults for this to happen.

  6. bukelwa says:

    it is very saf & emotional bt @ the end they reunite hoping they will.be brothers for life in& outside the field i luv them

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