Ghanaian Hollywood star Boris Kodjoe visits Black Stars in Miami

Boris Kodjoe with Kevin-Prince Boateng and Stephen Appiah in Miami

Boris Kodjoe with Kevin-Prince Boateng and Stephen Appiah in Miami

By Ameenu Shardow

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Ghanaian Hollywood star Boris Kodjoe was a special guest at the Black Stars training session on Saturday in Miami.

The 41-year-old actor and model came to offer his support to the Ghana team as they grind towards the end of their preparations for the 2014 World Cup.

Kodjoe watched the entire training session of the Black Stars at the Florida International University pitch on Saturday evening.

He later interacted with the players and officials while taking pictures them.

The Black Stars have been preparing in the USA for a week now and will face South Korea in their final warm up match on Monday before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The team is expected to arrive at their team base in Brazil on Wednesday ahead of their opening group game against the USA on June 16 in Natal.


  1. Kobla Black Star says:

    Nice. Let’s use all we got to make the team great!

  2. Houston says:

    I saw the scoreline a few days ago.
    Ghana 3 – USA 4
    It doesn’t look good for our stars.
    Please pray for the black stars!

    • texas says:

      Houston you lie bad…….black stars are not super chickens. USA has never beaten at any level in football. And that will never happen this time as we seek to conquer the world like we did at the u20 2009 in Egypt.

    • A concerned citizen says:

      Father in the name of Jesus, I take my stand in Christ Jesus and erase this score line dreamed by Houston with the blood of Jesus, For it is written “Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;[Col 2:14]. I therefore pronounce victory score line for the B/S 3 in JESUS’ name. Everybody say Amen

  3. benny says:

    Houston, I think you been eating too much fufu and peanut soup before going to bed.

  4. Eric says:

    Take the dream seriously n pray for the stars. God reveals to redeem

  5. terkper says:

    guys we need to pray for our team,

  6. Doanim says:

    Lord of the Heavens, we request that you turn this dream in our favor, Amen!!! Ask and it shall be given unto you!!

  7. Andy D says:

    Houston I think you need to see an Ophtamologist…hehehe shine ur eyes

  8. Joe says:

    Houston yr super chickens will not score 1 goal in their group, mark my word.

  9. Agajah says:

    Chaiiii Houston, this your dream dei I beg Oooo

  10. millennium says:

    The prayer was great but underscore that Ghana will score three. …without indicating how many the USA will score…..let me complete it by saying USA 2….thus Ghana 3: USA 2

  11. jeff says:

    To hell dogs,,,Southern Africa will never support your ghanian team after what you did to our regional team by making them train in a car park,,,we will never forget this and we will always misstreat ghanians in South Africa infact 10 are geting deported for grugs.WE SOUTHERN AFRICANS DONT WANT ANY GHANIAN IN OUR SADC REGION AND TAKE THIS AS A SERIOUSE NOTIFICATION.

  12. jeff says:

    Viva great southern Africa

  13. Mannheim says:

    @ jeff; take it cool man. To ehr is human but forgive is divine. Pray u learn to find peace in your heart for ghanaians since we are one.

  14. Kobla Black Star says:

    Sore loser Jeff. Move on man, move on.

  15. access says:

    Ghana vs USA…..Ghana 6 USA 1





  16. selfmade says:

    Another bad write up and bad journalism at its WORST! Damn, I know brothers over here or forumites over here can indeed do far exceedingly better than these half baked journalist here! This piece SUCKS BIG TIME and am just wondering if these so call jouranlists put their thoughts togather before they put pen to paper! The FIRST POINT any sensible writer ll do writing a piece is the INTRODUCTION! There wasn’t any introduction to this piece! Who is this guy? How is he related to Ghana? Why is he concern about the bs? I mean just a simple summary or introduction about this guy ll make the piece thick and rich! Just this INTRODUCTION ALONE ll make a big difference than all the TOTAL GIBBERISH we have here as a piece! LITERATURE IS TIMELESS! The whole garbage is UPSIDE DOWN!!

  17. Andzie says:

    @Jeff, get off…you are an unwelcome imposter…nobody should reply to his posts, he will wither away.

  18. Dan says:

    Houston saw right. That is how they appear in the group G. It is not a score line.

  19. Kwaku says:

    @jeff, u can go and hug a transformer for all we care. Usales region,did u guys not just recently invite Ghana for ur cassava cup?

  20. kwame says:

    are these guys training or on vacation?

  21. selfmade says:

    The writeup is poor! Am just surprised that people can present such a poor piece for people to read! The first basic thing to do when writing a piece is the INTRODUCTION! infact, this is a classical case of poor journalism and am surprised the writer has been doing this for a long time and still commit simple fumdemtal mistakes! Firstly, the introduction should include who this Hollywood star is and why he is interested in the BS training? Where was he born and how is he related to Ghana? Simple background check on this guy ll make the write up great, informative and EDUCATIVE! U can’t simply stand up and write a piece without a proper introduction! The introduction is the summary of the whole piece and a simple summary of your ideas ll make readers grip what u are going to say! WE ARE GHANAIANS and we can and deserve BETTER!

  22. selfmade says:

    This is a very poor writeup! There is no information whatever in this writeup and the writer can do far more better than this! There was no introduction about this Hollywood star! U can simply write about a personality without introducing the person to readers! Who is he and why he was interested in ghanas trainings! U talked about his age but couldn’t talk about his summary background? Literature is defined as a TIMELESS PIECE OVER A PERIOD OF TIME! This write up is not informative and non educative and I know the writer can do better than this! Ghana writers always skip introduction and this is very bad! A summary introduction is a TIMELESS PIECE!

  23. Genuwine says:

    @selfmade let me help you out a bit , his full name is Boris Frederic Tay -Ofuetey kodjoe , he was born in 8 of march 1973 by German mother and Ghanaian father in Vienna Austria , he is married to American lady by name Nicole Ari Parker and have two kids , he is model and Hollywood movie star, some great movies done by Boris resident evil and undercover etc, he have love for the Africa country where his daddy come from .

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