Grusah condemns handling of Stephen Appiah

Grusah condemns handling of Stephen Appiah

Grusah condemns handling of Stephen Appiah

Owner of Ghanaian Premier League side King Faisal, Alhaji Grusah, has condemned the disrespectful manner in which  former Ghana captain Stephen Appiah was handled during Ghana’s 2014 World Cup qualifier against Sudan last Sunday.

Appiah was bullied by security personnel when he tried to enter the VIP lounge at the Baba Yara Stadium in Ghana’s 4-0 victory.

The former Juventus star was among ex internationals lined-up by the Ghanaian Ministry of Sports to motivate the Black Stars before their game in Kumasi.

It took the intervention of Asante Kotoko financier Kennedy Agyapong and other football dignitaries to resolve the issue before the former Fenerbahçe man into rescinding his decision to leave the Stadium.

Grusah who was at venue expressed worry over the treatment melted out to Appiah.

“We’ve to condemn what happened to our former captain Stephen Appiah in Kumasi. I wasn’t happy at all how he was treatment by the security personnel,” he told Accra-based Happy FM.


  1. murtala says:

    He ask for it and he got it, just because Nigeria hard their ex players at the just ended AFCON dont mean we should do the same,we dont even know how they got there, maybe they paid for their air and hotel tickets, not free from nigerian FA .It was Stephen Appiah who who started complaining about why they were not invited to motivate the players,how many times did any old player come to motivate him during his playing days,but he always played his best.this are mature and top league players they dont need any motivation from old players. SIR APPIAH(I GIVE YOU THAT TITLE)

  2. jayjay says:

    @murtala or what your name is fuck off who do you think you are I don’t blame you it were you come from

  3. Nobility solomon says:

    I support what grusa said hundred percent. This is very unfortunate and very babaric unfair for the security men to treat the ex. Captain that way. Not any other person like Stephen Appiah who helped this country soo much with all his heart. It is serious!

  4. jay says:

    herrrrr mutala, u fool papa. leave Ghana issues to Ghanaians n go to ur Nigeria. S Appiah will always b a hero.

  5. Ayuba Mampong says:

    sorry captain fantastic for that ugly incident. We still LOVE you. Murtala you are warned for the last time.

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